1. Birthday: sayings to congratulate

A child's first birthday is a special event. Warm spells to congratulate him may not be missing there.

The birth of a child is something very exciting. But how quickly time passes and the first 12 months have made it! If you're looking for a loving saying for the first birthday for your own child or another baby, you can find here the most beautiful congratulations for girls and boys. Tip: With a personalized birthday card your lines into a lasting memory.

1. Birthday: slogan for girls and boys

Today it is around the home,
because you are celebrating a whiz.
Many guests bring you
Package in wrapping paper.
You rip it up and look inside,
what is because there probably be in there?
You quiekst so cheerful, laughing that great,
I hope ', your day is wonderful.
I wish you, that's obvious,
a grand New Year!

Little princess, cute mouse,
today 'have you lived one year at home'.
Can already crawling and dreh'n you,
we want seh'n much more from you.
Therefore we celebrate today your day,
because everyone so much like you.
We wish happiness and sunshine,
Time to dream and Babysein.
Congratulations from Mom and Dad
Even small progress makes a baby his parents very proud. Since the first birthday is a great opportunity to make the first few months reminisce and curious to look to the future. therefore the wishes of mom and dad come particularly from the heart.

With much shouting and full diapers,
ran your first year of life.
Short nights, because I do not want to cheat,
robbed me already so much hair.
But all the stress is quickly forgotten,
if I Thinking of your laughter.
''ve often sat at your crib
and said you were a gift.
I wish many times,
in which we are together.
With all the adventurous side
and everything that matters: I love you my child!

Hard to believe, but true,
today you will have years first
Each day goes by in a flash
and every day you learn it.
We wish you to your celebrations
heart all the best.
Become bigger, grow further,
stay so cheerful and always cheerful!

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