10 Tips: Finding the right midwife

Are you looking for care, childbirth or the postpartum period nor the right midwife? NetMoms did you put together 10 tips here, which you can find the richige midwife.

The "normal" hospital birth

If it is you no matter what midwife during birth care of you and it can be more than one, you can let the birth await. Then, just one midwife care at your arrival at the clinic around you who is on duty at the maternity ward. At an information evening of the clinic you can get to know some of the midwives and make you a first impression of the work environment and the cooperation between doctors and midwives. These events are also great suitable to find a midwife.

Display book tip

Counselor: Pregnancy Day by dayYour midwife is not always available? No problem: With this book, can you also answer many questions during your pregnancy itself you.

The midwife

If it's important to you to get easy allotted no midwife at a hospital birth but the midwife you already know rather want a midwife is the right one for you. You get to know beforehand, vereinbarst with her, how and where you imagine the birth, and then can perceive the follow-up with her. So stay out "unsympathetic surprises" saves in the delivery room. during birth it is also there for you. Many midwives in shifts must serve up to four wives simultaneously. So a midwife knows your story, is a familiar face and can concentrate fully on you. Class is that it can tell you a lot to the clinic and the processes. However, you should make you good time on the search. The birth clinics can help you find. Just ask at the clinic of your choice for a list of evidence midwives.

The freelance midwife

Independent midwives are, as the name suggests, not at a hospital or a birth center hired. Or do they still work in addition to their normal activities as a freelance midwife. You'll find them on midwives networks such as Jameda or at our local section and can with them perceive the yellow pages, portals prevention, offers for antenatal and especially the postpartum care. But not every hospital or birthing center allows midwives free active at birth accompaniment. You should therefore like to inform beforehand in the clinic or the birthplace of your choice. Are you planning a home birth, so it is worth asking how many home births she performs in the year at the midwife.

The follow-up midwife

Regardless of whether you were cared for before birth by a midwife, you entitled to after the birth supporting a follow-up midwife. These midwives services are covered by health insurance. Midwives advise you during the puerperal and breastfeeding to breastfeeding problems, show you how to deal with the baby, check your health and your baby and you are with a lot of good advice and tips. You can address each freelance midwife or midwife.

The Hebammenpraxis

The advantage of midwifery practice is to select the midwives and the possibility that in case of illness simply can step a colleague. In addition, a lively exchange takes place in such a group practice of many midwives.

Midwives a birthplace

For a birth in the house where you can call you directly to the relevant House. Many women appreciate the birthplace for a quiet and cozy atmosphere. It usually has "own" midwives who practice there. Then you can give the pension, Laying care during childbirth and post-closure again without difficulty in one hand. "Lend" Many birthing centers but their midwives also if you do not want to give birth in the birth house.

Childbirth classes

If you know a certain midwife already well served by a childbirth class and she is sympathetic you, you can appeal to them or ask her if into labor with you. Many hospitals and birthing centers to take in this situation, their roster is not so strict.

The home birth

If your pregnancy is run without complications and it's you and your baby well, you can give birth at home. This should of course be time discussed with the doctor and midwife, so that everything else can be prepared for it. Best you shalt diligently then promptly a freelance midwife with a lot of experience in home births. It is good if they already cared for you during the screening. She knows your history and can you judge good during delivery and support.

Midwife and mother

Some women would like that their midwife itself already has children so that they can understand their feelings and fears during pregnancy and childbirth better. If you is important this point, you should note that in your choices and ask in an interview with the midwife for it.

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