10 Tips to tinker Schultüte

You want the cornet basten yourself? With our Bastelanleitung that's easy. We have 10 helpful tips for you so that the cornet tinker nothing can go wrong. In this article you'll find many creative suggestions.

tinker 1. Material for cornet

To tinker a cornet itself, you should use the best quality materials, as this the cornet is stable and you can you facilitate tinkering. The following materials are needed to tinker a cornet:

  • 1 large sheet of construction paper A1
  • Colored paper or cardboard in different colors
  • 1 meter crepe paper
  • Possibly crepe paper in a second color
  • 2 meter ribbon
  • Decorative materials like glitter foil, stickers, Wackelaugen
  • 1 meter cord
  • drawing board to stencil
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • stapler
  • Good adhesive liquid adhesive
  • transparent tape
  • 2 clothespins
  • pencil
  • Waterproof black felt-tip pen

AnzeigeSelbstgebstaltete Schultüten of about

Light blue school bag with pink owlsOn questions you can find wonderful homemade treats for your child Your. For example, the sugar cube "Owl luck", we find particularly attractive.

>>Click here for questions and the great Schultüten

2. From Tonkarton tinker a cornet

Off Tonkarton-a-cornet-tinkerTo tinker treats, you need first to bow craft paper, the cord and the pencil. The pin is attached to the cord. now holding the cord loose end with the thumb in a corner of the Tonkartonbogens fixed and drawing, such as a circle, a circular line on the craft paper. You need something more than a quarter circle, so you do not have sufficient adhesive surface. Using the ruler You can just draw two lines from the circle line, which should be about 45 centimeters long.

tinker 3rd cornet: Carefully cut and glue

Cornet-tinker - glue carefully-cut-and-Now you cut the pre-drawn shape along the lines carefully. Lubricate the adhesive surface generously with liquid glue and let the glue dry briefly. Then you can roll up into a solid cornet and press the adhesive surface determines the Tonkartonbogen. Make sure that the tip is firmly down curled up and created a hole. Before you can tinker with the cornet on, the adhesive should dry for one hour. In the time you can fix the cornet with clothespins.

4. tinker Schultüte: Hide glue fold

Cornet-tinker - glue fold-hideIf you fold the adhesive outside a little want to hide, you can stick them on with a beautiful ribbon or some stickers. To make sure that the glue does not solve, you can use the glue line from the inside additionally with transparent tape strengthen. Now you have the blank for the cornet finished. By the way: Such blanks of colored cardboard can be bought in the period before enrollment in stationery and toy shops, if you want to tinker facilitate you the cornet.

5. tinker crepe paper sleeve for cornet

Crepe paper sleeve-by-the-cornet-tinkerNow you can tinker crepe paper sleeve for cornet. For this, the crepe paper is wrapped around the outside of the treats - edge to edge with the opening of treats. With the stapler You can fasten around the crepe paper. So that no cracks appear, you should also position a transparent tape used as reinforcement. Then the crepe paper is carefully folded up. Instead of crepe paper you can use tulle or felt.

6. Schultüte tinker: Alternative crepe paper decorating

Cornet-tinker - Alternative crepe paper decoratingIf you want to add a special touch of treats, you can also use two layers of crepe paper. First you cut the cornet a wavy above. Then you prepare the two layers of crepe paper available in various colors. Both layers are cut jagged above, a location is only half as large as the other. You befestigst out the shorter crepe paper location with liquid adhesive inside the cornet. After that, the longer follows. Here again, you can re-use transparent tape to attach the crepe paper sleeve safer.

Select tinker 7. motive for cornet

Motif for-cornet-tinker-wählen_v2Now you can make you mind to tinker the ornaments for the cornet. It's best to choose a design that pleases your child well, such as butterflies, pirates, flowers, fairies, cars, serpents, spaceships, ladybird or horses. Alternatively, you can put yourself but also decide on a theme that fits well for enrollment, such as letters, numbers, school children, pens or small treats. Cardboard you can tinker templates with which you can cut figures out of colored paper yourself. These figures are then glued to the treats, just as in our two proposals.

"Charging you down here the craft templates for the butterfly cornet and the Pirates cornet in PDF.

8. Be creative tinkering with the cornet

Creative in-cornet-tinker-beBe the cornet tinker creative and use fun stickers, wiggle eyes, ribbon or glitter to decorate the cornet and the figures. Of colored cardboard or construction paper rest in a different color you can also once again tinker a little treats, which is put down over the great cornet. If you do einschneidest above jagged or wavy, you can conjure up the cornet a grass or seascape. If you want you can also use with a pretty pattern and coat the cornet from the outside so that wrapping paper.

tinker ninth name tag for the cornet

Nameplate-by-the-cornet-tinkerTo the cornet to give a very personal touch, you can tinker a name tag for the cornet. Then you write legibly the name of your child, which you can also decorate with stickers or glitter. The name plate is either bonded directly to the cornet or attached as a plate on the closure of the cornet.

tinker 10. Closure of the cornet

Lock-by-the-cornet-tinkerIf you want you can also tinker a special closure for the cornet. For this you cut from a beautiful form of colored cardboard, such as a star, a flower or a heart. Then you cut a larger hole in the center of the mold, so that you can plug the crepe paper on the cornet round. The shape may be also painted or glued to taste. Alternatively, you can also use a beautiful ribbon to close the cornet. Binding just a big loop around the crepe paper.

So you save quite simply the purchase of craft materials
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