12 creative measures education

A little creativity in education can not hurt from time to time. We have you put together 12 exceptional educational measures that can help to cope with everyday life with humor.

1. The "time-in"

If a "time-out" does not achieve the desired effect, try a "time-in". Here, your child does a certain task at a specified location. The bead may be about the 50 beads on a string or the writing of the alphabet.

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2. The alarm clock

Set an alarm clock definite limits. "I would like that you have cleaned up your room in 15 minutes. If you're not finished until the alarm goes off, happens ... "So, children who are easily distracted, inspired and there is little room for discussion.

3. The ticket-Dose

Place a "speeding ticket" -Dose on and fill it with slips of paper on which different consequences are. Your child behaves close to it, it pulls a "speeding ticket". Some ideas might be about a TV or computer ban on the relevant evening or earlier bedtime.

4. Adapted bedtimes

Passe bedtime according to the behavior of your child's. For each "rules" it has to be five minutes early to bed. If it behaves well, it can move the bedtime even by five minutes back.

5. The Butler

If your child dawdle ever, try the following: Anyone who sits as the last at the dinner table, the food and drinks for everyone in the family has to distribute. However, there is a catch: Even those who sit first thing in the table, must have clean hands, otherwise one has to take on the task.

6. The tongue handle

If your child says things you do not want take the warning "Hats Your tongue" but times literally. Let your child sticking his tongue out and hold it with two fingers.

7. The command

If the situation between siblings in the back seat in the car out of control, try the following: In the command "! Noses on his knees," the children must immediately touch her knee with her nose until the command is resolved.

8. The folder

The next time your child "forgets" to clear away something that you space it away in his place. When it asks where the corresponding object is, tell him that it must probably look for it. So learn your child that there is more work to seek an object, hauled away the mom as to vacate it immediately to the right place.

9. The hit penalty

If your older children in your presence are always reckless and loud, perhaps the following will help: If the kids do not shift their "theater" to another room, they must be ten minutes for pop songs. For teens certainly an ordeal!

10. The code word

If your small child from time to time too turning up, considering you share a code word that recalls it because it is now calm has. So you can your child in public without embarrassing to make clear that it's time to calm down.

11. The Stampfer

If your child likes to trample in anger to his room, send it outside, where it is to stomp one minute on the floor. Probably it will stop after 15 seconds.

12. The rage killer

Another way to deal with mood swings is to simply say "It's too disturbing for this house. You can continue in the garden Your tantrum. When you're done, you can come back into the house. "If there is no audience, the excitement of a tantrum is quickly gone.

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