15 stylish poems for Confirmation

Poems for confirmation are a nice alternative to a standard text in a greeting card. We have picked out 15 beautiful and appropriate poems for confirmation for you, with which you can congratulate on his big day the confirmation.

Stylish poems for confirmation to make a greeting card or an invitation to this important festival for young people in particular. We have put together a selection of 15 very different poems for Confirmation for you. So you can complement your good wishes for Confirmation creative with a few verses.

1. The most important day in your life

The best day of your life,
to enter the confirmation you.
Let the Erinn'rung never vanish,
then the good will always prevail!
(Anonymous author)

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2. Do you know English the star

Do you know the star,
of the shining through life,
of every joy,
every pain bekränzet,
Flower brings,
though the spring flees
the continually
flowers in equal beauty?
O, hüt him that no doubt
rob it to you:
It's your greatest happiness,
it is faith.
(Anonymous author)

3. Become what you are not yet

Become what you are not,
remain what you already are now:
Stay in this and this are
everything beautiful is here on earth.
(Franz Grillparzer)

4. Never standing still time

Never stands still time
the moment entschwebt,
and you do not use,
you have not lived.
(Friedrich Rückert)

5. With God as a companion

With God as a companion
not get lost you remember,
for He is the champion
for truth and light!
Him you shall trust
and his bid;
on Him you can build
in any emergency!
(Friedrich Morgenroth)

6. To Confirmation

Today you, dear son, drinking holy wine;
Drinking 'unconsecrated now! Also said to be sacred.
Entweih 'entheilig' it never by intemperance!
You also are fresh wine; o had never defiled me!
Let mix in your blood laut'res no unclean little drop!
That always us as today your sight refresh mög '!
(Friedrich Rückert)

7. You go today to the Lord's Table

You go today to the Lord's Table,
you are his dear guest.
We all have very fond of you.
Far be you every load.
Your life is colorful and bright,
he was not swallowed.
And stay a funny fellow,
mach always a happy face!
(Christian Morgenstern)

8. To take to keep

To take to keep
and good to live for themselves,
falls every one myself.
to develop the stock market,
to give the other what,
that wants to be encouraged.
(Wilhelm Busch)

9. Review

At every turn of your life path,
Even if they auspicious widens
And you lose to win Größres:
- Victim you stand suddenly silent, gazing
Thoughtfully stapling the Vergangne;
The melancholy leaning on your shoulder to
And repeated in your soul you
How beautiful everything was, and that it is now
Thus past was for ever, for ever!

Yes, dear child, and be to you openly:
What do you care of künftgem youth happiness
The span it measures a girls hand.
But so was the life order us
Set by God; the scares never,
The once quite taken in his mind,
What should our lives. You rejoice
Gehabter joy; andre Freuden follow,
The seriousness concomitantly; but this is
The core and is the center of your happiness!
(Eduard Mörike)

10. light and shadow there must be

Light and shadow there must be,
due to be completed the picture
have to switch drum in life
deep night and sunshine.
(Ludwig Uhland)

11. My daughter Christine into the prayer book

The maid comes in white raiment
For the first time before God at the altar,
And the old woman it is considered ready
The sinks on her bier '

But I, you dear child, I wish you,
That, as on the first and last day,
You this robe of innocence eternal ornamental,
At each other might befit.

You decorate the young breast a branch of myrtle,
And a rosebud shines here:
Oh, would you equal to the pious myrtle,
So your fate that was the Rose!

It not forever the freud'ge Red,
If she is released from its Bud Green,
But if she is as pale as death;
Your cup retains one last quiet glow.
(Friedrich Hebbel)

12. Friendship with God

When a person is good with God
Which is probably bad wenns goes;
For he, the highest gifts,
have father, brother, Comforter.
(Friedrich von Logau)

13. Use your young days

Use your young days,
learn-term, be more intelligent.
On the happiness of large scale
is the tongue rare.
You have to go up or down,
You have to prevail and win
or serve and lose,
suffer or triumph,
His Anvil or hammer!
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

14. In the evening, you will be wise

In the evening you will be wise
for the bygone days,
but never smart enough
for those who may come.
(Friedrich Rückert)

15. Will you ever wander?

Want to wander further and further?
See the good is so close.
Learn to take only the good fortune
because happiness is always there.
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

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