44 great tips for children during the holidays

The holidays are here. That means plenty of free time for the next generation. So just do not get bored in the days off are 44 great tips on how children can deal during the holidays here.

1. From the outdoor pool

2. Collect in the forest and berries

3. baking cookies for neighbors and friends

4. picking flowers

5. inline skating in Parkour

6. Plant a tree

7. Run Bike

8. Go Fishing

9. make lemonade itself

10. tinker paper airplanes

11. A picnic on the grass

12. Build a tree house

13. Painting with sidewalk chalk giant images

selbermachen 14 popsicles

15. Going to the open air cinema

let rise 16 dragon

17. Make a rousing water balloon fight

18. As to the zoo

19. invent a secret language

20. feed ducks

21. At different languages ​​learn to count to 10

read 22 clouds

23. Taking a garden Sales

Wash 24 bike or car

build 25 A raft

26. Leave a surprise for the postman

track 27 Schmetterline but do not touch

play 28 mini-golf

29 tents in the garden

30 rain dances in summer rain

build a 31 Parkour

32. Eierlaufen

33. Make a scavenger hunt

34. make pillow fight

35. tinker A time machine

36. Visit the grandparents

37. trampoline

38. roll down a mountain

39. Turn A funny video

40. Write a letter to someone

41. make dough itself

42. Climb up trees

43. play tag

44. eating homemade popcorn

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