5 errors in the toilet training

The toilet training in children is sometimes a long way and requires a lot of patience. It comes every now and then to difficult situations. What mistakes you should avoid when toilet training, this wiki.

Begin 1. Not too early toilet training

Each child makes the necessary skills to go potty, individually made. For this reason, one can speak of the beginning of toilet training by any "magic age". Most parents find that their child is emotionally and physically ready for potty training between the ages of two and half years. Some children, however, are only four years old so far that they can understand the small, new tasks around the potty and implement. Now you start too early with the practice, so your child will not understand the course on the potty and learning will take longer than would otherwise be the case. If you do you are unsure if your baby is too young for potty training, you can read "10 Steps To Potty" on which characters you can look for in your child in our article.

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2. Select the right time for toilet training

The right time for toilet training in children should be carefully considered. You start with it at an inopportune time, such as just before the birth of a sibling, during a stressful work week, a move or other events that could hinder the stress-free training with the pot, the chances of success are poor. For infants a routine and a regular daily routine are the alpha and omega are the little quickly confused and stressed case of unexpected changes of habits, which can result in the development to any future steps. It is therefore advisable to wait until the daily routines have returned to normal and calm has returned home. Then it makes sense to start at rest from the front with toilet training.

3. Do not apply pressure on your child

The biggest mistake you can make when toilet training your child with is to put pressure. If your child shows no interest to be dry, you should also not force. It may not go far enough in its development and the nervousness that comes with him by the applied pressure, then you can additionally influence the bladder. Not infrequently, this leads to a suppression of the desire to urinate or blockages. So let your child choose which pace is right in the toilet training. You can support your child with us with stories and picture books that constitute the training with the potty figuratively. More you can find out in our article "Accessories for becoming dry."

4. Sit not even under pressure

Let yourself not in the toilet training your child with the "well-meaning advice" take third off track. Comments like "the children were earlier but much more dry than today!" You should ignore, no matter how often you have them listen to you from grandparents, in-laws or acquaintances. Remember that the methods of toilet training in the last 50 years have changed. Many rules are now out of date, out of date or simply no longer tenable. And even if you tell a friend or an acquaintance that his son was dry already the first birthday, remember that I'm following your own plan.

5. Punish not your child in toilet training

Under no circumstances should you punish your child when toilet training is not working the way you imagine it. With child your to complain if something goes wrong or it refuses to use the potty is not helpful, but counterproductive. Your child is still wetting often instead of going on the potty. Setbacks are quite normal and are developing it. You then to get angry before your child about it, will not motivate your child to go on, but rather damage his confidence. In the worst case, it will be afraid to do something wrong and completely refuse toilet training. This fear of the potty can be so strong mint may find that your child to go to the bathroom the urge is suppressed. This can in turn lead to painful blockages.

Therefore be calm and composed, if it fails your child to use the potty successfully. No matter how frustrating it can be for you: such mishaps you should as pragmatic as possible solve and make a big deal out of it. Free your child from the wet clothes and drag him as calm as possible new ones. this should go as quickly and hassle free as possible from Equip even at night so you can go to sleep again your child quickly.

Even if you wish for, that your child will be better dry than later and uses the potty, it is important that you are careful to require either too much of your child, even of yourself. A rash action does not accelerate the diaper weaning, but can lead to the contrary, that the toilet training takes much more time than expected. With the necessary patience and understanding of the transition on the potty but surely with you will soon succeed.

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