6 signs that you go into labor

When does it start with the birth? Not every woman's onset of labor is the first sign that points to the upcoming birth. Find out here what symptoms to expect the beginning of the birth and why so few children really come to the expected date.

Trigger for the birth

The causes that trigger a birth, are not yet known. , Is believed however, that the birth process is initiated by hormonal changes. Is all gone well with you and your baby during pregnancy, the birth will begin when the baby is sufficiently developed.

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Birth date

The estimated date of birth is only a statistical expectation. Because according to the Swiss Federal Statistics Office, only about four percent of the children really come on this day to the world. About two thirds of children are born in the ten days before and after her due date. see all the other kids either as premature births (10%), premature births (15%) or more than ten days late (about 5%) the light of day.

Since you you can not rely on this date, it is even more important that you know when your body you are clear signs of the beginning of the birth. The following six signs point to an early onset of labor.

Signs that go into labor soon: lowering of the belly

If your baby's head enters the pelvis, to Your belly cuts usually somewhat. Here you verspürst usually an increased pressure on the bladder and bowel. Because of pregnant women sleep worse in most cases.

Symptoms: mucous disposal

Labor usually precedes the departure of Schleimpfropfs. However, the period up to the birth can still be very different. For some expectant moms the plug of mucus dissolves already 14 days before the birth, others only on the day of the birth shortly before the onset of labor. This varies from woman to woman. If the mucus lacking, this manifests itself by a clear liquid which is secreted. This may be associated with a small circulation, the so-called bloody show. Basically, you have to do you about this bleeding not worry. Nevertheless, it is always better if you consult you with your midwife or your gynecologist to rule out other causes of the bleeding. You should be careful to avoid following the departure of Schleimpfropfs, places or activities where you are exposed to many bacteria. This may be, for example swimming.

Signs: rupture

In this case the amniotic sac before labor starts bursts. The rupture is manifested by a clear liquid that runs from the vagina. This may be greenish, which means that your child has already meconium (stool) excreted into the amniotic fluid. This is a clear indication that the fetus already had stress, for example by oxygen deficiency. In such a case, the Hertöne the baby should be checked as soon as possible and oxygenation controlled bursts werden.Wenn the amniotic sac, this is usually not a painful process, since running in the skin of the amniotic sac no nerves. Also, the amount of discharging liquid is low when the baby's head is already safely in the pool. The contractions put an average of 12 to 18 hours after the rupture of membranes. More about premature rupture of membranes and what you can do then you can find out in our article "When the waters break too early."

Signs: declining fetal movement

Shortly before the birth of your child movements diminish. It is a sign that the labor will be using soon.

Signs: labor

That it will soon get started "right" of the pregnant woman is announced at about 70 to 80% of by labor. That this is not about exercise contractions, you've noticed a few weeks ago, you can quickly determine by you may observe whether the intervals between contractions are regular and a duration of about 5 - have 10 minutes. The intervals between the contractions are also shorter. Usually they take one half to one minute. Also, labor pains differ in their intensity of exercise labor and consider not only the front between the navel and pubic bone, but the Cross forward. More about how you can distinguish the different labor types, you learn "to recognize labor" in our contribution.

Signs: widening of the cervical canal

When the amniotic sac does not burst at an early stage like a rupture, it will do so no later than when the cervical canal expands. Birth Now nothing stands in the way.

What may be more signs that go into labor soon?

Especially the first child, women are often uncertain when it's really ready. Finally, they want to trigger a "false alarm" and go to the hospital for no reason. But do not worry, even if you're empty-handed sent home, you were certainly not the first expectant mother who has deceived in this regard before.

Some women report the following symptoms:

  • Diarrhea / loose stools or bloating
  • back pain
  • Drawing lower abdomen
  • nausea
  • muscle tremors
  • Sudden anxiety and insomnia
  • Unusual loss of appetite or food cravings

Often the baby moving in my stomach subside. One possible reason is that the baby has less space for movements. No wonder, because the child puts on weight in the past two weeks to 400 grams.

Important: Do not confuse you if you have any of these symptoms, and say in doubt with your midwife or your gynecologist. For some women also take - up to the birth pangs - no changes to be true. Pregnancy is a very exciting time and is easy for every woman differently - as the birth. Basically, it is important to stay calm and take the signs described last purposes only: It could possibly go off soon.

In our special "Expiration of birth" You learn to be made at this time about the three stages of birth and what other decisions.

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