Abbreviation “for the attention”: That’s right!

When writing an address often stumbles over the abbreviation "to the attention", How is it now being used properly on a letter? We explain it to you in this tip, using a pattern address.

You're still on maternity leave, but plan your re-entry into professional life? Maybe you need to communicate because of parental allowance plus with various authorities? Of course, your mail will arrive without detours and delays in the right person. For this reason, you write the name of your contact with the note "for the attention" in the address field. "For the attention" means that the mission of a particular person to be handed out. However, you do not write the note correctly made, instead you use an abbreviation for "the attention".

Abbreviation "for the attention of" What is right?

You can use "for the attention of" the following three options as an abbreviation for:

  • z. H.
  • z. Hd.
  • z. Attn.

All three variants of the abbreviation "for the attention" are correct according to Duden.

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What a perfect address field on a letter?

As for almost everything in life, there is a DIN standard for address fields. At the request of Deutsche Post, the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) deals with addressing. The addresses on letters and other mail is read in mail distribution of machines. A normalized notation simplifies this process, the risk of reading errors in the automatic address recognition is omitted. Correct addressing is the best guarantee for a fast and smooth delivery of your consignment. For the Check and Correct the address is not necessary.

Two examples of a DIN-compliant address

If you write to a home address, leave between road and place an empty line and place the contact person at the company name. A possible district designation you can specify between name and street name:

Otto Mustermann Ltd.
HR department, for. Ms. Doe hd.
pattern quarter
Sample Street 13
79194 Musterhausen

If you write to a PO Box address, giving street and house number is omitted in favor of the mailbox entries. District names are not necessary:

design authority
z. H. Mr. Doe
PO Box 0815
47111 Musterstadt

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