ADAC test reveals: These child seats You should buy under any circumstances

Also this year, the ADAC has again tested child seats through their paces. The result is startling: As many as four models conceded the note "inadequate", In one there is even a high risk of injury for the child.

In the current child seat test of the ADAC took together with Stiftung Warentest 23 child seats of all categories under the microscope. The auditors tested the seats on the criteria of safety, operation, ergonomics and pollutant content. The sobering result: Four models were rated "poor" and were thus by.

High risk of injury in car seat Hauck

Here had pointed mainly one of the seats genuine security flaws: In a frontal crash test, the seat sparked the Hauck VarioGard (up to 18 kg 0 + / I) closed from the fixed three-point belt with the base and the seat forward. A secured is in the seat child would thereby impinge on the front seat and there was a high risk of injury, the ADAC experts.

The seats Casual Play Sono Fix, Simple Parenting Doona and Simple Parenting Doona & Isofix Base also fell "poor" by. Although they delivered a satisfactory result in terms of safety, but had a high pollutant content.

Many seats do well

But not disappointed all the seats. More than half of all seats received the overall rating of "good". They protected the child crash test dummy good or very good and exceeded the minimum legal requirements significantly.

  • To 13 kilograms (0+): Cybex Cloud Q, Cybex Cloud Q & Base Q-fix
  • i size about six months to four years: Maxi Cosi Axissfix, Maxi Cosi Pearl 2way
  • 9 to 18 kilograms (I): Ingelsina Amerigo I-FIX, Britax Römer King II ATS
  • 9 to 36 kg (I / II / III): Cybex Pallas-fix M, Caualplay Multi Protector Fix II, Cybex Pallas M
  • 15 to 36 kilograms (II / III): Britax Kidfix SL SICT, Cybex Solution M, Cybex Solution M-fix, Joie Trillo LX, Heyner Maxi Protect Aero.

This should be considered when buying a child seat

When buying a child seat, it is always advisable to take the child and his own car, the ADAC advises. But with a good seat it was not done. It is also important to install the seat properly, make sure that the straps are straight as possible run and tightly tightened. Only then can also be ensured that the child was in a collision optimally protected.

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