Application for parental leave

When applying for parental leave, it is especially important to him in time, namely seven weeks before beginning to submit to the employer. Otherwise, your parents time shifts may backwards. We'll tell you what you should watch for in your application for parental leave and give tips for a smooth start to the parental leave.

Working parents may each use up to three years' parental leave in order to take care of the new family member after the birth of her child. At the same time keep it in touch with the working world. But even if a legal right to parental leave is, you have your employer in good time, that is at least seven weeks in advance, inform your parental leave.

As the application must look to parental leave? On the Internet you can find so-called parental leave forms, but it is enough even a simple letter in which you hold the following points:

  • When your parents begins.
  • When your parental leave ends.
  • In what time periods you would like to eventually divide parental leave.

Note: Seven-week period during parental leave application

You missed the seven-week period, the beginning of your maternity leave be postponed accordingly to the rear. In exceptional cases, for example in a premature birth or adoption, but also adopted a short-term application for parental leave.

Tips on the application for parental leave

Rights and obligations are, of course, for all workers. Depending on whether mother or father applied for parental leave, but there are a few specific points that you should look out for. A few general tips to help all applicants continues:

  • A verbal agreement is not final, therefore applies to applications and all subsequent agreements: everything stops writing and leave it by your boss also confirmed in writing.
  • Is your application for parental leave received in time for your employer? To avoid contentious issues arise, you can better the reception acknowledge in writing or send your application by registered mail to.
  • You and your partner should the parents time to plan and coordinate care. Who goes when and how long parental leave? Actually, the parental leave must be used during the first three years of its life, but within the regulations and in consultation with the Chief greater flexibility is possible. For example, you can transfer up to 12 months parental leave, so to speak, save for a later date. The has saved up months can be used until the eighth birthday of the child, for example, for the first time in kindergarten or in school enrollment. More about time and deadlines for parental leave you can find in our article "How long to take parental leave?".
  • The time for two of the three years' parental leave you must set binding already in your first application for parental leave. Theoretically, you can arrange an early stage, the entire parental leave, are then, however, bound to a plan that can subsequently be altered only with the consent of the employer. To optimize your decisions best later than the third year it to your needs.
  • You want the parental leave not quite give up the job? Up to 30 hours a week you can go to work without problems. However, you should discuss when registering parental leave with your boss part-time job already. So you can prevent the company rejects the request part-time due to "urgent operational reasons" as possibly a replacement worker has been set. More about your opportunities, part-time work during parental leave, you can in our article "parental leave and working part-time" read.

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Parental leave to apply for mothers

As expectant mom you have not only entitled to parental leave, but you, as soon as you will inform your employer about the pregnancy, on maternity leave. This means that on the one hand you can not be easily dismissed. For other eight weeks shall be a ban on employment for you after the birth of your child. In premature or multiple births, the period is extended after birth even to twelve weeks.

The rules on parental leave and maternity leave do not appear until a little bit confusing, but are actually quite simple:

  • For the application is: The parental leave begins only after the maternity leave. So you have to submit your application for parental leave at least one week and five weeks after birth.
  • For the duration of parental leave applies: The Maternity Protection serves a similar purpose as the parental leave and therefore will be credited to the three years parental leave. Suppose your child is born on 17 April 2012 and you take only the first year parental leave. Although falling eight weeks after the birth at the maternity protection periods, your parents time on 16 April 2013, not eight weeks ends later.

Parental leave for fathers apply

For fathers who want to take immediately after the child's birth parents time, it is not easy to plan parental leave optimal. Like all applicants must submit the letter at the beginning, duration and distribution of parental leave seven weeks ago, but can only orient the expected date of delivery in the process. the child may come a little earlier and parental leave does not start. Or come late and parental leave has already begun. That sounds only once not so bad, although the date on parental leave plays a role in the application:

  • Parental benefits: The parental allowance is paid for the first 14 months of life of the child. The calculation of parental leave, however, is based on calendar months. Depending on how far calculated due date and actual birth apart, the father eventually is therefore already on maternity leave, but still gets paid a parental allowance.
  • Protection against dismissal: Unlike the expectant mother's father benefited only eight weeks before parental leave from his special protection against dismissal. So if you want to be fair and early tells his parental leave, risking a nasty surprise may. To be sure, expectant fathers should take the week between EPL and seven-week period to submit their application.

Take time to inform you of the parental leave. A good place to start is the local parental benefits sites that can answer many questions and for parental leave.

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