apply for kindergarten: How to

The allocation of nursery places expires by region. Do you still give a few clues on what you should look for when applying for.

apply for kindergarten: Preliminary information

In the individual federal states, there are online platforms that help you find a nursery place. In North Rhine-Westphalia is the "day-care center finder NRW". There you will find updated information on more than 10,000 child care centers. To find the kindergarten on site, you simply enter your zip code in the search field and get all the facilities on site indicated by presentation of the educational concept. You probably will thereby quickly find out what facilities ever come into question because they differ in points such as opening times or recording of small children.

visit kindergarten and let Mark

If you want, you can contact your Wusch kindergartens and make an appointment now. Most facilities have their own forms that you can leave your child has previously had notification. But the kindergarten is you thus generally not safe because of the award is not the only deciding who has reported first. Often you can specify up to three desired kindergartens in the community. In some cities, that's already online via a daycare Navigator. Best you shalt diligently directly from your church, how the process takes place in your case.

Procurement procedures of kindergarten places

Like the nursery places are allocated, varies by region - from state to state, from community to community and even from kindergarten to kindergarten. In Catholic kindergartens creed for example, can play a role. Often the courts are centrally allocated by the city. In most cases here criteria such as the employment of parents or the child's age play a role. If an older sibling is already being cared for in the day care center, the younger child usually has a good chance.

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