Attention Trap – The largest fattening

In Germany, about 67 percent of men and 53 percent of women are considered overweight. Even with many who are trying to eat healthy, keep the pounds stubbornly. A case in losing weight are supposedly healthy foods that are unfortunately often camouflaged fattening foods in truth. Here slimmers find a list of the most fattening foods.

1. gummy bears = sugar bombs

Gummi Bears are absolute fattening foods, because they have the same sugar content as a sugar cube. Beware also the cake: Marble cake is half fat. Better: Fruitcake. And ice has it all: A ball of chocolate has nearly 200 calories. finished nut & Caramels lollies contain up to 360 calories. Alternative: Homemade sorbets.

Display Book tips: Healthy Food

Book Low CarbAfter pregnancy, you will want to return you back to your old weight? But in everyday life it is often not easy to pay attention to a healthy diet. Therefore, we recommend you to the counselors Low carb diet, Slim in his sleep and Vibono. Thus making even decrease fun.

2. Not only Cola calories

Drink plenty of fluids is healthy. drink plenty of juice is also healthy, but most of all calories. Apple juice has the same amount of calories as soda. Better: Saftschorlen. Milk is considered by its high fat content than liquid fattening foods. To avoid having to completely give up the sources of calcium, you can take the skimmed version or buttermilk.

3. Even fish can be a fattening

Fish is low in fat and healthy, it is often called. Unfortunately, this does not apply to large amounts of tuna and squid. Both consist of almost 15% fat. Better: grilled scampi.

4. Fetter start to the day

Before the morning exercise have a quick toast? Definitely tasty, but unfortunately four times as high in calories as a slice of whole grain bread. Also watch the spread: Spreadable sausage such as liver sausage or sausage are fattening foods and come in. Better: Poultry sausage. Even with cheese caution. With about 50% fat camembert and brie are much richer than hard cheese. Instead of mozzarella prefer cottage cheese.

5. Secret fattening foods in salads

Yes here we find fattening foods. While not in the salad itself, but in its sauces and dressings. Instead of ready-mix rather even light a dressing. Rule of thumb: A maximum of one tablespoon of oil per person.

6. Light Product case

Now it is common: Even sweeteners and light products are not slimming guarantor. Although really stuck mostly fewer calories in it, but we like to trick us here itself: Since the half fat butter is unrepentant twice as thick smeared on bread and plastered like two fat instead of a cream yogurt. In the end we did not, strictly speaking, as many calories to us as if we had enjoyed the full-fat products.

7. Oh, thick walnut

Nuts lower cholesterol and protect the heart. This is true, but they are almost half from fat. Health to love it anyway may be a hand full day. Essential vitamins provides the avocado, for example. But: 100g contain almost 25g of fat. Tasty alternative: Mango and pineapple.

8. fattening croissant: Oh Lala

A croissant has significantly more fat than a cheeseburger. He prefers to start with a full fruit cereal in the day!

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