Baby can not sleep without pacifiers

Your child needs your help on a regular basis to find his pacifier at night again? Find out here when it is better to give up the pacifier while sleeping.

It is generally advisable for safety reasons in babies in the first year to give a pacifier to fall asleep. However, it should turn out from the sixth month of life, that your child does not fall asleep without the teat or can not sleep when it has lost him at night, he seems to be less suitable and prevent your child on staying asleep fall asleep.

When the pacifier while sleeping disrupts

If your baby from birth has fallen asleep with pacifier, it has probably accustomed to the pacifier belongs to fall asleep and brings both with each other. It will also call for the pacifier when it wakes up at night and noticed that the pacifier is no longer there because it has lost it. Presumably, your child will fall asleep again until you have given him the pacifier.

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If you find out that the pacifier disturbs the sleep of your child, you should act. But how can you teach your baby, one without pacifier or staying asleep? There are various ways to "abolish" him as a sleep:

  • Let the pacifier away easily. Children can change their habits very quickly. With luck, the problem has been settled after three days. Perhaps you can also use the tips of our specials "So learn your baby to sleep" and help the featured there approaches to weaning.
  • Wait until solves the problem by itself. With about nine months, children are usually able to find the pacifier at night alone again. It is then no longer dependent on your help.
  • Give your baby to put him in the mouth the pacifier in his hand instead of him. So you early supports your baby's independence. This may contribute to the problem resolves with the pacifier faster by themselves because they learn early to help themselves.
  • Put several pacifiers to bed. So Your baby has a better chance to find a replacement in the night. In the event that a pacifier falls out of bed, is also ensured that another exists.

If the pacifier has prevailed in a child your than unfavorable asleep, So you have several ways to counteract this. Click sure to also our special pacifier and see, for example, when it is time to completely wean your baby's pacifier.

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