basal body temperature method

The measurement of basal body temperature is the knowledge if and when there will be a cause ovulation in a woman. Here you can read about how you can use for your desire to have children, but also to prevent the measurement of basal body temperature.

Like the basal body temperature method works?

The basal body temperature method of natural family planning uses the increase your body temperature. Your temperature rises when the sex hormones occur with ovulation in increased number. In the second phase of the cycle which follows ovulation, the body temperature rises by about 0.3 to 0.6 degrees Celsius as compared to the first cycle phase. The chance of fertilization is nearing, highest during and after ovulation. The exact time of ovulation can be with the basal body temperature method but not determined. Experience has shown that he is one to two days prior to the temperature rise. If You doubt your fertility, you can find out whether an ovulation occurs or when you are not by measuring the basal body temperature. In addition, the temperature curve is your gynecologist areas for possible hormonal disorders.

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Implementation of the basal body temperature method

How it works: The basal body temperature is the temperature which the body immediately upon waking. It's best to measure them so before you get up and whenever possible in the same place, so as not to influence the results. The results you write down daily or wear them in a temperature chart. Prefabricated tables there at the gynecologist. but you can also use the NetMoms cycle calendar to document the basal body temperature.

The strict basal body temperature method

The easiest way to assess the temperature curve is the so-called "three-over-six rule". When you measure the same temperature for three consecutive days that this is still above the average of the previous six days temperatures, you can assume that ovulation has occurred. Now the egg should not be capable of fertilization and you until the next menstrual have unprotected sex.

basal body temperature curve

The expanded basal body temperature method

With this much less secure version of the basal body temperature method, it is also allowed to use the period traditionally called "relatively safe" than six days before the temperature jump for sexual intercourse. However, this method can only be recommended for a uniform cycle. In addition, you have already previously one year conducted regular measurements to infer the future cycle with some certainty. In general, the advanced basal method therefore is considered an unsafe type of contraception.

Caution in disease

Fever, alcohol consumption the night before, medications, stress and shift work can affect the body temperature, so that the measurements are unreliable. The following applies: The basal body temperature method requires caution and discipline when you sure contraception with you or a child want to receive.

Symptothermal method makes temperature method safer

Since the basal body temperature method is quite uncertain, they complement many women with the findings of the Billings method, which is about the investigation of the cervical mucus in your vagina more accurate idea of ​​your fertile days. This combination of basal body temperature method and Billings method is also called "Symptothermal method". Our cycle computer you can easily capture and print for discussions with your gynecologist your data.

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