Berlin model

The Berlin model is a concept that supports the parents accompanied acclimatization to kindergarten everyday. At different stages and with the support of a caregiver, children are doing familiar with the new environment and the educators. Do you represent the Berlin model before in its fundamentals.

After the Berlin model Trust is built slowly

For the two-year Max is his first day in kindergarten. The mom gives her a kiss favorite and promises to meet him in a few hours. As soon as she has left the room, he begins to violently sobbing and calling frantically for her. Max responds more scared on the comforting words of the Mother.

The application of the Berlin model is to avoid such scenarios and make the start of kindergarten for children as comfortable as possible. The Berlin model has therefore divided the acclimatization into individual phases, so that the child can get used gradually to the new environment and new people. The involvement of a parent is an essential component in the acclimatization in the nursery. The children have time to make themselves under the protection of a caregiver with the establishment of trust and establish a relationship with the Mother.

Display on to kindergarten

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The phased settling after the Berlin model

The Berlin model divided the course of adaptation in several phases. Before recording to kindergarten is usually an extensive intake interview, in which you advance at what it is like with the teacher about the diet, sleeping habits and the game behavior of your child.

  • Basic phase: In the basic phase you accompany your child into the facility and keep yourself a few hours in the group room with him. In the three-day period, the teacher your child observes and takes careful mostly about gaming services or an interest in the child's play, contact with him. Your job is to give your child safety and not to push it, to play with other children or to move away from you. In addition, you should not play with other children, for your offspring must have the feeling that your attention only applies to him and you're always there.
  • Stabilization and separation phase: According to the Berlin model, the next phase begins on the fourth day. In this, the teacher tries to help your child at lunch and play with him, to build up a relationship of trust. You react at this stage only to signals of your child or otherwise grab actively if your kids have not yet accepted the educator. Otherwise, the interaction is only between teacher and child, you are so to speak only present. Also on the fourth day of the first separation attempt is made. You say goodbye yourself from your child leaves the room for about half an hour, but stay near so you can be retrieved when needed in the group room. The reaction of your child to this first separation determines the duration of the acclimatization period. to your child behaves independently and shows little irritated by the separation takes place approximately six-day adjustment period. The periods of stay at the facility as well as the periods of separation are gradually increased.
    However, if your child tries in the separation to follow you when it is crying and can not be comforted by the educator, the settling time is usually extended to about two to three weeks.
  • Final phase: The stabilization phase is complete, if your child has established a first emotional bond to Mother. Your youth protested then, although possibly against your departure, but can be quickly comforted by the educator. In the final phase You do not keep yourself on in kindergarten. but you are at all times to be in certain situations for a child Your because if the bond between your child and the teacher is not enough.

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