Birnenmus boil: How to

einzukochen Birnenmus is ideal for those who want to have at hand lovely homemade fruit puree in stock. Here's the instructions to do so.

Preserved Pears are a real delicacy, appreciate even the little ones. No wonder, because pears are among the fruits with an especially high fructose content and a fine aroma. Better than the products from the market are in any case-cooked purees. That's what so sugary varieties such as pears even without an additional sugar addition.

When Birnenmus-preserving both the stockpiling in twist-off jars possible and the canning jars in classic. the first steps are the same for both methods of preparation. The bulbs are first peeled, seeded and cut into small pieces. So that the bulbs are not brown, you put the peeled pieces in the meantime in a bowl of water and a squeeze of lemon juice. Depending on the use for which you want to boil down the Birnenmus you can flavor it with different spices. Possible include cinnamon, vanilla, lemon zest or star anise.

Birnenmus boil down: two different methods

Do you use for storing twist-off caps, they cook from next 10 minutes so that they are sterile. Then you fill the pear pieces and spices to taste in a saucepan and give added so much water that the pieces are just covered. Now you cook the pears and fill the boiling hot mass to a centimeter below the edge into the glasses. Closing it off and place it for a few minutes on the head.

When using jars You fill the raw pear pieces with spices into sterile jars and fill them with water. Now the jars are sealed with rubber ring and lid and secured with clamps. Location boil the jars in a large saucepan and let the Birnenmus. At 90 ° C it takes about 30 minutes. then take out the jars and let them cool. Was the Einkochprozess successful, the cap holds despite distant brackets on the glass.

In the twist-off glass of the cover must be slightly dented inward. The thus prepared Birnenmus keeps for about a year.

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