Blind Date: It is a success

A blind date today is not so rare. You get to know someone through a pen pal, the Internet or the phone, but never "in real" seen. Of course you're curious about each other and want to meet. A blind date is imminent! What you should consider everything to make this meeting a success, we have listed here.

Before a blind date, it is quite normal, a bit nervous and unsure. One wonders whether it corresponds to the ideas of the other person or what to do if there is no topic of conversation comes up. At the beginning of each Dates whether Blind Date, Speed ​​Date Date or online, you should especially once keep calm. The dating partner has shown interest in, and even if you should find that it does not fit, that's not a doomsday. You should be calm and relaxed approach to the matter. The date is guaranteed as excited as you do. If you notice some important rules, then nothing can go wrong.

Before Blind Date

When blind date you should not be too trusting. Even if you feel that you can fully trust the person, you should be careful. Finally, we know the person only from a specific environment and do not know how it behaves in reality. Until the first blind date, one should be enough time. If you sniff at rest and some time has passed, it has most likely not dealing with a liar. One would like to finally find someone for a firm partnership and no one who is just wanting sex. So someone would give up quickly with a longer introductory phase.

You should also call in any case before a blind date with that. Is the voice sympathetic and is the one talking as well as expected? If you had only written contact, the words may have been chosen in good. In a telephone conversation, perhaps the men from the boys and you can tell whether a blind date is a good idea or not.

Display Gifts for Your Partner

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When Blind Date to remain true to yourself

One should always make it clear that you meet on a blind date with a stranger, because you want to find out if this fits into one. If you like him, and one could imagine more, then it does not help when he falls in love with someone who you are not. Therefore, one should choose for Blind Date clothes that one also bears normally, as his favorite piece of clothing. Uncomfortable that you might not like it, but looks good on one, remains to this day better in the closet.

to show no enthusiasm for things that you reject yourself, or to hide a passion for something because they could not go down well is important. When blind date to meet, to see if it fits, not because you absolutely must succeed. So it is said: to stay true to yourself and give yourself the way you are. So you find your soul mate or just missing a possible wrong decision at an early stage.

Important for Blind Date: The gut feeling

If you get "strange gut feeling" just before the meeting, then it is better to cancel the blind date. If one does not feel good about it, a cop-out is entirely justified. Whether it is the doubt about the person are with which one wants to meet, or the thing in itself: you should always listen to his feelings. A bad feeling does not make such a meeting necessarily better.

If you realize during the dates that the comparison does not correspond to his own ideas, you can leave early - if necessary also from a nonsensical reason, if one does not dare to be honest. Sitting just stay and torturing a few hours with the blind date because you want to be polite, is not a good solution. So you just wasted his time and in doubt also the dating partner does not feel comfortable with that.

Safety Blind Date

For the first blind date should choose a public and neutral location. It is best to opt for a place that you know yourself well and where you feel comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable with the blind date, find the date even unpleasant or scary, you know all the "escape routes". A girlfriend or someone akin can help that one feels safe and does not stand alone in an emergency. A test call, a random visit or an emergency call from the toilet: "Deliver me, please," can be helpful in some cases. So you can completely relaxed go to his blind date, because you always have the opportunity to find the exit.

When Blind Date not forget the fun

he most important on a blind date is the fun factor. You should spend a few happy hours with his appointment at best. For a good mood comes up, you should easily approach the blind date. One should not conduct business on a day which is anyway packed with appointments to. It is advantageous to have no appointments at least two hours before the blind date. So you can relax and prepare Date at rest on the blind. Then you come and left the meeting.

The choice of location is important for the fun factor. One should go with his date to a place you even like very much that is exciting or cozy. As it is most like oneself. If you are sure that you will have fun, this is a good prerequisite. Swimming blind date with one on the same wavelength, it is also like him. And a successful first date is the best way for a second.

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