Blood type A positive: That you have to know

Blood type A positive - so far did you not particularly been interested in what blood type you have and what it means. Maybe she has also never been determined and somewhere officially noted. But now you're pregnant and the question of your blood type is important. We will respond to you at this point a few questions about this important topic.

What blood groups are there?

Blood groups are classified according to a system 0 (zero), A and B. Are you a carrier of the blood group feature "A" You belong to the group that is most commonly represented within the classification 0AB. This means that the majority of people carrying the blood group "A".

A second important blood group feature is the so-called "Rhesus factor". He is with (+) - positive or (-) - called negative-.

Blood type A positive antigens and Rhesus

Shows the laboratory analysis of your blood at the end of the blood group A positive, then this means that your red blood cells contained in its case called antigens A Characteristics of specific proteins in the blood, which means that they are not with the blood of the blood group "B" would tolerate.

As a result of a mixing of both groups would clot the blood, and thus enter a life threatening condition. Uncomplicated, however, the encounter with blood type 0 would.

knowing that is all important in case a blood transfusion. However, these facts are not relevant for your unborn child. The good news is that even if your child has a different blood type, will not mix with each other through the placenta to your blood and your child. And the Rhesus factor (+) already represents no risk in case of pregnancy.

By the way, your unborn baby may inherit both your blood and that of the Father. And even if your child should be carriers of the blood type of the father and here "B", you have to expect with blood type A positive no problems.

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