boil Quittenmus: How to

Quinces are among the lesser known fruits, but are becoming increasingly popular. As you can easily boil tasty quince, this wiki.

In principle, the procedure is no different when Preserving Quittenmus to a considerable extent by preserving other fruits such as prunes, apricots or cherries. If you already're familiar with the canning of fruits, the boiling down of quince should therefore not be a problem for you.

There are two different quince varieties:

  • the mild pear and quince
  • the harder Apfelquitte.

The latter is slightly bitter, but also more intense flavor than the pear quince and therefore is particularly suitable for the preparation of stewed fruit and jam.

Before preserving of quince jelly, you have to thoroughly clean and wash the quinces. Quinces are busy on their shell with a soft halo that tastes very bitter and unpleasant. With a rough cloth you can get rid of their "fur" wrinkled fruits best. Next, the quinces are washed, peeled, separated from her body and cut into small pieces. should be very hard places you better cut out from the fruit.

boil Quittenmus: Step by Step

  • Before you einkochst the quince, you should them with lemon juice. Otherwise they will quickly brown.
  • First, the fruit pieces are added together with some water in a large pot. Instead of water, you can also use orange juice. This makes for a fresher taste.
  • Fruit and liquid are then brought to a boil over medium heat. After that they should slow simmer at low temperature for about an hour.
  • In between, you have to stir constantly so it does not become established on the ground, the quince. Also check whether the liquid in the pot there is still sufficient, so you can top up if necessary.
  • Towards the end of the cooking time you can sweeten the Quittenmus to taste with sugar.
  • When the quinces are overcooked and have reached the consistency of Mus, You fill the quince in small bowls or glass jars.
  • Those who wish this jam may end up even puree with a wand or crush with a potato masher.

Quittenmus fits like applesauce well with pancakes, semolina dumplings, vanilla ice cream or pancakes. Even pure it tastes absolutely delicious.

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