Bowel movements visible: Possible Causes

Your intestines visible moves? Do not panic, we'll explain can be behind that innocuous causes.

Slow and fast movements Bowel

Bowel movements are normal and even necessary for the healthy functioning of the organ. When the intestine but moves too fast or too slow, it may indicate problems and diseases. In fast intestinal movements often occur diarrhea, because the food passes through the digestive system too quickly. A slowed bowel movement gets on the other hand by clogging noticeable that can be caused by a poor diet or stress. optimal bowel movements are therefore important for digestion. Through a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, the bowel function can be brought into balance.

Intestines visible moves: Possible Causes

You have visible bowel movements and can exclude pregnant? If it is not because of a growing child in the belly, even flatulent gases can raise the abdominal wall. Strong bloating can be caused by irritable bowel syndrome. This is a disease of the digestive system in which the intestines often sensitive with diarrhea, pain or blockages. Irritable bowel syndrome there is an accumulation of gases in the intestines, which are removed only slowly and can therefore lead to severe bloating.

If the bowel movements visible, that could be due to the consumption of flatulent food. Pea soup, cabbage, legumes and unripe fruit are among the foods that are not well tolerated by anyone. On the list of indigestible foods also are milk, dairy products, sweets, fizzy drinks and fatty meals.

In a delicate intestine, it is recommended to enjoy these foods only in moderation possible. Flatulence help teas with fennel, caraway, anise and peppermint. Also relieving a gentle abdominal massage can affect the stricken flatulence intestine.

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