Brown spotting instead Period: Causes

Maybe you've even ever had the experience that you got a brown spotting instead of the period. Of course, you wanted to know what is the cause of this bleeding and whether the spotting could mean that you are pregnant. We'll tell you.

What is a brown spotting and how to recognize them?

Under a spotting means a weakly pronounced brownish genital blood flow, which takes place outside the normal menstrual or instead of the regular menstruation. You can recognize a spotting partly due to the color and the other on the consistency. A spotting is more brown than red and in their consistency much thicker and tougher than a regular period.

What cause can have a brown spotting instead period?

In principle, a brown spotting may be due to three reasons: Organic, hormonal or mechanical causes. hormonal changes in the female body are responsible for most spotting. They can occur when a corpus luteum weakness exists, a delayed regeneration of the endometrium is with you or you suffer from endometriosis. Also psychological stress or certain medications can cause brown spotting instead period. In theory, other underlying diseases or pregnancy as a cause are conceivable.

you have to because of spotting the doctor?

A visit to the gynecologist is appropriate if you still verspürst other symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, or malaise addition to spotting.

Can a brown spotting instead period be a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, it's theoretically possible. The hormonal changes in the female body, which begins immediately after fertilization of the egg can cause such bleeding. Make a test or let a possible pregnancy by a doctor to clarify.

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