Brushing fun: So spring cleaning fun

The annual spring cleaning is a pain for you? Here you can find tips to make brushing a bit funny - because the apartment is almost in passing clean!

So cleaning is funny - in the right dose

Take yourself too much before. The easiest way is if you make will every day you a manageable task, such as dusting or washing windows in just one room. Piece by piece, a whole house is so sparkling.

Home Shopping, without money

You would like to have new things? Then try getting "home shopping" - bet that in your closet or in your bookshelf slumber treasures that you had long forgotten? The best you for taking a complete and shrank from sortierst: What You could even use what actually you do not need any more and can get away again? A garbage bag and a box for things that can you still give away or donate, here are your faithful companion.

Audiobooks - not just for kids

With good music, everything is easier - but also audio books are a great idea. If you listen an exciting story, you realize little, as time passes while brushing.

Count calories

Do you have a fitness tracker? Perfect! When brushing you consume namely more calories than you actually think. So if you have the feeling that you just verplemperst your time during mop-swing, thinking about it: You save the gym ...

Küchenuhr misused

Set a limit: temporally. A kitchen clock does provide good results. Put it on a half an hour. During this time, you give everything - and when it rings, it's over. Except, of course, you're so out going, that You would like to go on.

Rewards must be

After work You can reward you calm yourself! Leg feet high and let it go well you - You deserve it.

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