by taking pill: What is the situation with the protection?

You want on vacation or have a reason why you want by taking the pill? This means you do not pill break, you do not get your period and take the pill continues as normal until the next blister pack of the pill is consumed.

There are certainly many reasons by increasing the pill and to dispense a pill break. Good news, your body it does not hurt and also when by taking the pill is protection against pregnancy still exists. So you can completely relaxed approach your period holiday.

If You are taking the pill You start at the end of your blister normal to the next. Now you take every day a pill until this blister is depleted. Doctors recommend taking a break after 8 weeks so that the menstrual period can begin. Even if You are taking the pill, you should take hygiene items for the period. In rare cases, a slight spotting can begin. More about the side effects when passing Taking pill you learn "by taking pills: These are the side effects" in our article.

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