by taking pills: These side effects may occur

by increasing the pill is a fast and pleasant thing to move the cycle and not to let the period of use. But there are side effects with the pill by taking to which you should pay attention to?

In the short term, is formed by taking the pill no problems whatsoever. Doctors are, however, disagree, as some studies have shown that the body which carries no damage or side effects if the period is omitted, other doctors do not recommend a longer break than 8 weeks from. When side effects, you should consult your doctor in any case.
By the pill you do not get natural period, but an "artificial". By taking the pill, no uterine lining builds up, thus no need to be broken down and flushed out. By taking the pill it comes in the pill break a withdrawal bleed that you get monthly. Many women experience breast tenderness or a general malaise. Also, circulatory problems can arise from a month-long break bleeding. Whether this is related to the By taking the pill is to check with your doctor.

As is the case with the contraceptive effect if You are taking the pill, you can find out in our article "pill by taking: What is the situation with the protection."

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