calculate conception date: Find it

You're pregnant, you looking forward to your baby and you know after the first gynecologist appointment even the date of birth to be expected? Now it would be nice to know when your baby was conceived - we'll help you calculate the conception date.

Procreation Date: What is it?

The conception date or even conception date is the day on which the egg was fertilized by the sperm and has been the conception. The time when the fertilized egg cell and the procreative sperm are fused together, can be detected quite specifically in the context of about 48 hours because the subsequent cell division processes usually run smoothly.

An egg can be fertilized after ovulation up to 24 hours, the male sperm hold an average of more than six days in the female body. These biological boundary data can determine the conception date.

Therefore one calculates the generation timing by assuming the biological optimum case: sexual intercourse in the six-hour period around ovulation. From this, it follows the comparatively accurately published date nine and a half months concretely 267 days before due date.

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It's usually hard to tell what day it is exactly for conception in question. Therefore, the conviction date is rarely known, which is why he is often calculated in practice by using Naegele's rule. Further information on the calculation of the due date you can find in our article. You can easily find out when the due date will also be with our due date calculator. All you need is the day of your last period.

calculate conception date: Find it

Calculating nest you the determined due date 267 days back, you can narrow down very well the day of conception. You will also receive a probable conception date by your gynecologist. If you do your cycle with a cycle calendar tracken, you can refer here to the most fertile days of your cycle, which are of course most likely candidate also evidence.

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