Caraway suppositories: So help your baby

Your baby has abdominal pain and bloating? Colic can be distressing and weigh on you as a mother. Relief gives cumin, for example in the form of suppositories cumin. Do not explain, while cumin helps and as you correctly applying least cumin suppositories as anthroposophic medicines.

Caraway suppositories: So does this herb

If your baby is suffering from flatulence, it press gases in the stomach, which can not escape. The medicinal plant caraway seeds, also called Carum Carvi, contains an essential oil that softens naturally bloating and cramping in the gastrointestinal area. In addition, caraway has an antibacterial effect and can aid digestion by calming a nervous stomach. Also why he is so popular as a culinary herb and is often eaten with flatulent foods such as cabbage or fresh bread.

Just wait and see

Babies can drink directly as caraway caraway and anise and fennel tea. If you still breastfeeding, your baby can take him through the breast milk by you drink it yourself. Important to know: Kümmeltee stimulates milk production. Your baby has flatulence, you'll also his stomach gently with caraway oil clockwise massage. A caraway suppositories also gives him relief. The caraway contained acts simultaneously bowel relaxing and antibacterial. Even with constipation cumin suppositories can be helpful.

The correct application of caraway suppositories

  • Caraway suppository different manufacturers you get for under ten euros a prescription at the pharmacy.
  • Let yourself be advised by the pharmacist and read the instructions for use. In general, you should your baby up to three times a day for half a suppository give infants under twelve weeks, only once a day.
  • Before using You have to split the cumin suppositories lengthwise.
  • The halved suppositories you can moisten with a little baby oil so you can more easily inserted into the rectum it.
  • It is possible that the diaper shortly after administration of the suppository is already full.
  • At the latest, if there is no improvement after two days, you should ask for advice your doctor.

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