Cervix sacred: That means it

You've heard of your gynecologist that your cervix is ​​sacred or have stumbled across this expression in the mother's passport? Do not explain what cervix is ​​sacred.

State of the cervix important indicator

As part of the cervix, the cervix is ​​an important factor in pregnancy. It protects, tightly closed, the unborn baby from germs. If the birth is in the wings, the cervix begins to dilate slowly to release the way for the baby.

The condition of the cervix is ​​observed during your pregnancy at each examination to detect signs of premature birth or complications. Once your cervix opens in late pregnancy is also documented how far it is open.

Cervix sacred: That means it

The term cervix sacred can be found in your maternity pass or findings during your pregnancy again. It refers to the direction in which shows the cervix. Cervix sacral it means faces backwards, towards the spine. This direction will change with the end of pregnancy, the cervix then points in the direction of sheath (medial). Thus, the direction in which the cervix is, give the doctor clues as to how soon the birth is expected.

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