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So you to lack anything important, you should the diaper bag for your baby carefully repack - a checklist for the diaper bag is advisable. Because with longer trips, it is often necessary to start to wind the go, your baby. Here you can find out what you definitely in the diaper bag while having should and what criteria are important when choosing.

In the first years of your baby's diaper bag to your constant companion, as soon as you leave the house - a checklist for the diaper bag is therefore a good reminder.

You should therefore already look for when buying a few things that can make you everyday life later. Some important factors that you should consider when purchasing the diaper bag, are size, layout and handling.

  • Size: Because you have to accommodate many things in the diaper bag so that it will be provided on the road for all eventualities, the bag should not be too small. Just take for sale but some utensils with and test out whether everything can be easily accommodated in the pocket. However, the diaper bag should not be too large and, as they can quickly become unwieldy otherwise.
  • Division: often, diaper bags differ greatly from one another even in the division of the interior. Are especially practical pockets with different-sized compartments that allow you a better overview. If the bag has only one large internal compartment, clothing, diapers and Co. can easily get mixed up and you have to search longer to find something. With each subject you can assign a permanent place all things. Some diaper bags also have an insulated compartment for baby bottles, where it stays warm longer.
  • Handling: Remember when buying a diaper bag also how you will transport the bag mainly in the future. If you are on with the stroller often, is a long strap advantageous with which you can hang the bag on the stroller handle. Such a belt is also handy if you want to hang the diaper bag over his shoulder. If you do not bag on his shoulder want to wear, can you think about it, go up a Babybackpack you, which you can easily carry on your back.

Of course, the look of the diaper bag influenced your personal decision. Most simply several models and think of something which model you will be satisfied also expected in a few years yet.

Checklist Diaper Bag: What enters?

exactly what you pack in the diaper bag, depends to some extent on how old your child is, what special needs or habits it has and how long you are on the go. Some things you should but it definitely have. Here is a brief checklist for the diaper bag:

  • Fresh diapers: Take for longer trips two to three fresh diapers. If you want to calculate accurately as possible, try to assess before setting out how long you will be traveling and the same this time from the intervals at which your child is normally wound.
  • Changing mat: In the diaper bag includes a padded, foldable changing pad that can be washed off easily. In many models such support is already integrated. In this case, you do not need an extra plug them.
  • Plastic bags: Not always you have the possibility to dispose of used diapers immediately. In the diaper bag, therefore, a blank or two plastic bags should be located where you can stow the impersonated diaper until you find a trash can.
  • Cleaning cloths: Since it is rather cumbersome road to clean the butt of your child with a damp cloth, offer themselves for excursions wipes, best special baby wipes to. Eighth in these that they are fragrance-free, so they do not irritate the delicate skin unnecessarily. Wipes are virtually beyond, because you can wipe your hands after wrapping it.
  • Wundschutzcreme: With a sore butt You should go, not do without it, to protect the skin of your baby from moisture. So get moving with it, on your checklist for the diaper bag.
  • Spucktücher: There you go maybe feed them to your child and thereafter make a burp, it is advisable to pack some Spucktücher in the diaper bag. These are very practical as well, since they can be used in many ways, for example as bibs, as a sunscreen, which is placed over the stroller or bound, as a head covering. You can also put on the changing pad, a burp cloth, so that your child does not lie with the bare skin on the cold plastic.
  • Change of clothes: Since you can never know what it was done on your trip, belongs in the diaper bag is definitely a new set of baby clothes. Most important is usually a fresh body if the diaper is leaking times, but a fresh top and a pair of pants can not hurt in most cases. In the summer, you should think of a hat to protect your child from the sun, when it leaves the stroller.
  • Vials or porridge: In the event that your child will go hungry and you do not breastfeeding a place for baby food provided in the diaper bag anyway. If your baby gets milk from the bottle, you can have the powder in the bottle measure and bring a thermos of hot water. If you feed your baby porridge, think next to the glass and a spoon, and if necessary a bib.
  • Drinks: Never forget to take plenty to drink if your child gets the go thirsty. Unsweetened tea or water are best suited for small children. Offer your child every now and again something to drink, even if it does not ask.

If you want to do together with your child your only briefly a few errands, you can take a smaller bag, is included in the only diapers, a changing pad, wipes and a change of body.

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Additional utensils for the diaper bag

In some situations, it makes sense, in addition to the obligatory things take many more things in your checklist for the diaper bag:

  • Dummy: If your child uses a pacifier, put better getting a second in the diaper bag. If the cleaner is time lost, there is so no tears.
  • Sunscreen: If you are in the summer in the sun on the road, it may be useful to insert a bottle of suntan lotion children, so that your child's skin is well protected.
  • snacks: For older children, you can pack a can of vegetables or pieces of fruit that can be eaten on the go and in between easily. Also biscuits are good to me for such occasions.
  • Purses and Co .: If you in addition to the diaper bag did not even want to take your purse, even your wallet, your identity card, the front door key and possibly your Cell should appear on your checklist for the diaper bag.
  • Exchange Shirt: Depending on where your trip goes, it may be advisable to insert a change shirt for yourself if make when feeding or burping times goes wrong something.
  • medications: If your child is sick and needs to temporarily or permanently take medicines, even those stuck in the diaper bag.
  • Toy: If your baby is a little older, think of a favorite stuffed animal or a small toy so that it does not go bored.
  • Plaster: By the time your child is or crawls or runs mobile, it is worthwhile to insert some plaster to patch up any scrapes quickly.

Depending on what else you need you or your baby in any case, you can extend the range of any diaper bag. Avoid, however, to drag unnecessary weight. It is precisely when it comes to wearing, less sometimes more.

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