Checklist for Christmas preparations

buy gifts, decorate the holidays are planning ... Before Christmas, there is much to do. Since it is difficult not to lose track. We offer you here a little help.

Thus the holidays are very special, there's plenty to do. But you should also be able to enjoy the festive season, and not get stressed. To aid you have out together a handy checklist for Christmas preparations here.

Christmas preparations in Advent

  • Buy or tinker a Christmas wreath
  • Buy or tinker Advent Calendar for your children
  • Think about the context in which you want to celebrate and what you want to make explicitly on holidays
  • Decorate your home beautiful for Christmas
  • Most already get the presents!
  • Now you can begin finally to bake cookies
  • If you like, you now book a Santa Claus for the children
  • Do not forget St. Nicholas! Obtain any small gifts for the children

Two weeks earlier

Think about a Christmas menu

Write you a shopping list

Check if the Christmas tree decoration is complete and whether the lights and the tree stand work

Relax in between taking a leisurely stroll through the Christmas market

Obtain you beautiful Christmas music

Check your wardrobe and the children may get you new festive clothes

Order The Christmas goose or other exclusive food before

One week ago

  • Eliminate last minute shopping
  • Fill your medicine cabinet at - so it makes sense to head painkiller tablets for stomach pain and have similar home
  • Purchase you review films for the camera or if your digital camera functions
  • Obtain a Christmas tree
  • Grab the presents and label them
  • Bring the Christmas cards to friends and relatives to the post office

A day before

  • Brush your apartment
  • Decorate the Christmas tree - perhaps your children may help you define?
  • Buy the food that you need for your menu. Do not forget the drinks!
  • Cook possibly even before, so you do not have too much stress on Christmas Eve
  • Ship e-cards to your friends and relatives

On Christmas Eve

  • Place the drinks cold
  • Blanket the table
  • Turn the Christmas music on loud and sing along
  • Put the gifts around the Christmas tree
  • Prepare the food to

We wish you and your family a happy, relaxed and peaceful Christmas!

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