Child support number to find out: How to

Did you lose your child support number? Do you explain where you find them and what you need to know about them.

The child benefit number is a kind of "customer number" that you get from the family account after your first application for child benefit. You'll find them in the first notice of approval. Note: For all your children there is the same number.

So you can find the child support number

You can find the number in different ways:

  1. Child Benefit decision: You will get it with the first approval decision. On any further communication on child benefit is noted. Keep these documents on well so you can always look up there.
  2. statement of accountThe number is also located on the bank statement. The child support payments of family allowances include in the payment description, the abbreviation for FK Familienkasse, KG for child support number and the number itself.
  3. FamilienkasseYou can check at any time it to the competent family budget.

For this, the child benefit number is good

The child support number you need for any contact with the family budget. Do you have questions and even write or talk for the checkout, you will be asked again for this phone number. In addition, it is necessary for each additional child support application.

Moreover, the last digit of the number decides when the child allowance will be paid. It works like this:

  • Final digits 0 and 1: Transfer at the beginning of the month
  • Final digits 2 through 7: Transfer is performed during the month
  • Ending in 8 and 9: transfers at end of month

Further information on the payment date of the child benefit you can find in our article "payment dates for child benefit in 2017".

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