Children baking

Kids love baking - the pleasant scent that spreads in the whole house, kneading with your hands dough to try and decorating the cake. Whether safety, recipe selection or decoration - we have you put together some tips to help you and your children have fun while baking.

Children bake like and enjoy using it to decorate cakes, cookies and Co. colorful. For all the fun the kids learn through Contribute and try everything important about handling food, its preparation and taste.

Baking with children - with these tips a breeze

  • Safety: If you and your kids want to bake, you should always pay attention to safety. Get a baking sheet from the hot stove, underline chocolate onto the cake or chop nuts and dried fruits. Talk to your children before baking, therefore, about possible dangers.
  • Recipe: Whether you're looking to bake with your offspring a delicious pizza dough, cakes, muffins, biscuits or cookies - the recipe should be well chosen. Scour your child with a book and decide for yourself a recipe that is easy to prepare. Ideally, your only requires a few ingredients and it is a dough that you can use immediately without long waiting times.
    Tip: Usually batters are well suited for baking. Children can easily mix in a bowl and then the dough without waiting time is added directly into the baking dish the ingredients.
  • Preparation: When baking children do not prove much stamina often are therefore ideally all ingredients such as butter, eggs and milk ready. The younger your offspring, the more you should also prepare. Maybe you can even knead the day before the dough. The bakers can then be equal to topple onto the punching and decorating for example in biscuits and cookies. Wash still fast hands, put on apron and go!
  • Age-appropriate tasks: It is important that children are given tasks in baking, appropriate to their age. Young children love to knead the dough. Your offspring would be safe if he can then cut out cookies from his piece of dough. Batter is well suited for children who can already make much of himself. Muffins are therefore perfect - they are made quickly, consist of a simple batter and can be beautifully decorated then. In addition, it is to fill each muffin tins great fun.
  • Decorate: When baking kids have fun to decorate their small masterpieces. Whether liquid chocolate, colorful sprinkles, shredded coconut or icing - there are so many possibilities. Your offspring can paint, for example, with the melted couverture chocolate fine lines on the cake or biscuits. To your child dips a small spoon into the liquid chocolate and then paint lines and patterns on the sweet pastries.
    Tip: For the sweet decoration there are also healthy options. Your cake you can also provided with dry fruits such as banana chips or apricots.
  • washing: The cake is baked and Ornate, but now even the back chaos needs to be fixed. The washing is one for you and your children just for baking, as the later nibble on the sweet treats.

Bake promotes fine motor skills

Kneading the dough and decorating children are not only independent but also improving their fine motor skills. Animate your children baking easy to make a lot of themselves. You'll see that your offspring will much more adept over time.

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