Cold and flu during pregnancy

A cold or flu can be particularly unpleasant when you're just pregnant. The immune system in pregnant women is already loaded. Even with the medication, pregnant women should be very careful. Dr. med. Peter Potthoff, specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, answers the most important questions.

Why is the flu dangerous during pregnancy?

Dr. med. Peter Potthoff: The pregnant woman must be seen as a system. In pregnancy, this system is impaired. The performance of a pregnant woman is reduced because she has to supply two bodies. Pregnant located in a border area. They have fewer red blood cells. The pregnancy it can for example also poor inhale. A cold or flu is therefore a double burden.

What should be considered when administering non-prescription drugs with influenza in pregnancy?

Dr. med. Peter Potthoff: It is important to tell the pharmacist immediately that you are pregnant. So it can select the right drug and exclude contraindications. Careful you should be with tactile stimuli in pregnancy. Warm baths, for example, can affect the pregnancy. The heat could trigger labor, or open the cervix. In general, pregnant women should always, if there are applications of heat or cold with in the game, be careful.

What side effects may trigger the use of antibiotics during pregnancy?

Dr. med. Peter Potthoff: Antibiotics that are approved for pregnant women, have no side effects for this. Others may not be used in pregnancy. The competent doctor know which antibiotic is suitable for his pregnant patient. Depending on the disease and pregnancy age wrong antibiotic can but cause problems. In the first weeks of pregnancy can occur, for example, to malformations of the child. The growth may be disturbed. Another possibility would be an impairment of birth. But this is different for each drug and can not generally be said.

Are there alternatives to use of antibiotics?

Dr. med. Peter Potthoff: No, because if you really need an antibiotic, there is no alternative. In infectious diseases antibiotics must be used.

How can you protect yourself during pregnancy against infection is best?

Dr. med. Peter Potthoff: A healthy lifestyle is especially in pregnancy, the A and O. A healthy diet and regular exercise during pregnancy are important here. Prophylaxis is also critical: Pregnant women should avoid mass gatherings, such as cinema or theater and the tram. So the risk of infection is reduced. Not holding raw meat, shellfish, raw eggs or sushi is indispensable. To prevent Pregnant possible inclusion of pathogens.

Otherwise, at the first sign of flu during pregnancy, the doctor should be consulted. This allows the pregnant woman give assurance that it is really just a harmless cold. So rather too early than too late for the doctor.

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