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to find the right colors for the nursery is not easy. If the room as red as the fire department? Or rather blue and green as the sea? Each child has their own preferences. So that no motley chaos comes, we have taken the most popular colors for boys and girls and put together exciting color combinations for the nursery to do so.

Whether girl or boy, whether wild or more playful: our beautiful combinations of colors for boys and girls room is safe for all tastes. Pressure you Just our practical color table and take them with you in the trade market. There, your favorite colors can be mixed individually according to your wishes.

Of course you can combine for the nursery and colors of different ranks. Let yourself just inspired by our proposals and then make a dream nursery.

Fresh colors for girls rooms


Fresh colors for Boy's Room


A few basic tips on nursery colors

  • As nice as it is to set up the nursery with cheerful colors, a balance from a more discreet basic design and some, bold accents is optimal in the nursery. Too many different colors can appear slightly uneasy. It could then be difficult for your child to concentrate and now and then "come down". If the entire rooms but kept in matching color, that children often feel dull and listless. If you choose a quiet color that has a balancing effect and sets with furniture and accessories colorful "splash of color", the imagination and enthusiasm of your child are very excited.
  • Clear contrasts do well in the nursery. They can be easily prepared by the so-called use of complementary colors. They face each other on the color wheel, so the contrast between them is particularly intense. Nevertheless, they fit well together and act in combination usually particularly impressive. bring combinations of yellow and purple, red and green or blue and orange color as the nursery.
  • Sleep, play, learn, relax: in the nursery, there are many areas thatdifferent functions to have. It's a great idea, these areas also to make different colors. So the children get different colors to a clear structure and is always tailored to the specific needs of your child. How about, for example, with a play area in stimulating Orange, a job in konzentrationsförderndem greenery and a place to sleep in a soothing ocean blue? This distinction must face the wall color is not necessarily. It can also be easily reached by the color choice of the respective pieces of furniture or colored accessories such as soft toys, pillows, boxes and toys.
    More, the impact can have colors on the mood of your child, you can find out in our article "What effect do colors on children?".

Your child wants to have a say in colors for the nursery?

All the better! Children are more satisfied with things when they themselves involved in the decision-making process become. And finally, your child will live later in the child and not you yourself. Because sometimes, however, can be "dangerous" to leave children alone choose, perhaps the creation of a pre-selection is a good idea. What is important is that the child is at all involved.

Your child has a particularly gaudy favorite color? No problem! In almost all colors are great accessories for children. Whether lamp, chair cushions, storage boxes or carpet: surely it easier your child to accept walls and curtains in more restrained colors when you explain that as the accessories come much better advantage in the nursery.

Change of scenery with new colors in the nursery

Children and their preferences are changing fast. And so the children repeatedly changed a little bit. By occasional "change of scenery" to your child feels in his own little kingdom determines always good. Whether your completely replaces the establishment or only some parts, such as cabinet fronts are renewed, it is all up to you. Often, however, it is sufficient simply to remodel colored areas and provide or great accessories, textiles, pictures, or lampshades in the new favorite color just once to switch the furniture.

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