Compassionate strangers turn Dresses funeral dress for star kids

can be as incredibly close to the best and the worst day in a couple's life together, shows the charity Helping Hands. The company tailors from old wedding dresses beautiful, individual funeral dress for star kids and wants to affected families provide hope and strength.

The wedding day is one of the best days of the life of a couple. In the circle of family and friends, the lovers give the knot, the promise of eternal love and fidelity. A lot of money is invested to make this day truly make memorable. But what happens after the wedding ceremony with the beautiful, expensive wedding dress? In Storage in boxes, it is relegated to the attic or in the basement - brought out in the rarest cases again, eyeing, but probably never worn again.

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therefore the charity Helping Hands called the "Angel Gown" program launched to give worn wedding dresses a new purpose: to donate families who have lost their children shortly after birth consolation. The company transforms donated dresses in beautiful robes, the star children can wear to her funeral. With this action, the company wants to help grieving families through the most difficult time in their lives.

A single wedding dress has enough material for many handgeschneiderte mourning robes - and thus for many star children. More than 700 volunteer seamstresses working carefully to the individually decorated dresses that are made available to families free of charge.

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"Respect, care and love are united in these clothes"

"A wedding dress that is donated by a bride and then transformed by a volunteer in a unique dress for a dead child ... in such gifts meaning, honor, respect, care and love are united," the CEO Lisa R. Grubbs declared to "Popsugar". "A gift that should one get any free of charge, which it needs."

And further describes: "Grief is neither a moment nor an event - it is a long and difficult process. Where we the clothes provide with care and support, we give parents recognition and prepare a more positive basis this arduous journey. "

Angel Gown Packaging 8-1-14 We love it When our

If you also want to support this campaign and looking for a new purpose for your wedding dress, you can find more information on the website of Helping Hands.

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