Constipation in children: Helps lactose?

Nearly every baby or small child is eventually affected: We're talking about constipation. Many home remedies promise quick remedy, in particular milk sugar is recommended as a natural digestive aid. But cope?

Basically there milk in addition to water from nutrients such as fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and carbohydrates. The milk sugar, also called lactose, the main carbohydrate. It delivers the baby quickly available energy and promotes the formation of a healthy intestinal flora. Also pre-foods contain lactose.

Lactose brings the bowel in swing

The addition of milk sugar stimulates the bowel movement of the baby or the Kleindkinds. It also promotes the growth of good intestinal bacteria. It works like this: When the digestion of lactose produced acids that the body needs to excrete later. Therefore, the body is contracted in the intestine water, whereby the acid, and thus also of the chair is diluted. A better bowel movement is the result - the blockage dissolves.

Only limited recommendable

But be careful: Because both breast milk as well as pre-foods already contain much lactose. A long-term administration, in particular to the sixth month of life, not recommended. You should also keep in mind that eliminated by the administration of lactose, your child increasingly water. This can quickly have negative health effects in infants and young children. Conclusion: Although lactose is a readily available home remedies for constipation, but you should use in any case with the pediatrician discuss.

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