Contractions cause: 10 measures

You can hardly wait for the birth and looking for ways in which you can trigger labor? We have put together trigger for you ten common methods and home remedies for labor. Lies by how they act and how you can apply them.

induce labor, what conditions must be met?

Many pregnant women can cope better with the waiting and the excitement before birth, if they do not have the feeling of having to sit around idly. With some innocuous means and tricks you can stimulate uterine contractions and so give your baby a little nudge gently. But one thing is clear: the birth starts when your baby is ready. You can do it nudge, but it does decide for themselves when the time comes. The following requirements should therefore be met:

  • Fit and healthyIt should be you and your child go well in any case.
  • Body and baby readyMeans for labor cause generally act only when your body is ready, so if your child is in the correct position, the cervix is ​​soft and the cervix has stretched. Almost always it is therefore advisable to wait until the 40th week of pregnancy and at the earliest then to resort to these measures.
  • consultation: Let advise you, for your midwife or your doctor can tell you whether your body and your baby are ready for the birth.
  • Do not combine multiple methodsYou should also not try all methods simultaneously. Sometimes the desired effect arises ie only after a few days. Even if the agent only trigger gently labor, it can have unpredictable effects if you apply too many at once or dosierst too high.

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10 measures to encourage labor and trigger

We will not cease popular measures for labor cause before below ten and explain which of them can be tried without hesitation that you should consider only under consultation and what measures midwives and gynecologists strongly advise against.

1. contractions trigger a massage

For the massage you will mix 10ml almond oil with two teaspoons of cinnamon oil, clove oil, iron Wurz oil and ginger oil. Your belly will be dampened by you or your partner with warm water - then the oil can better move - and gently massaged. Cinnamon, cloves, ginger and iron Wurz stimulate the muscles of the uterus, thus promoting labor.
Conclusion: Harmless and does well.

2. contractions cause with laxatives or labor cocktails

Even if you have heard that many pregnant women try to Rizinuscocktail, you probably should not resort to this means. Doctors strongly advise against. Labor cocktails or other laxatives lead to increased bowel movements and diarrhea. This can cause contractions, as well as dehydration and damage to the intestine. Other side effects include nausea, diarrhea and intestinal cramps sein.Ist the cervix not yet ripe for the birth, the oxygen supply to your child may also be affected. Because premature labor put your child from a lot of stress. In addition, it is dangerous for your baby if you beimischst alcohol the laxative to soften the taste.
Conclusion: Despite high proliferation not recommended.

3. labor redeem with a warm bath

If your circuit can withstand a warm bath, you can also trigger in this way just before the birth pains. If you like, you can essential oils and herbs, such as cinnamon leaves, clove or ginger root oil, used as a bath additive. You should however make sure that you are not alone at home when you take a bath. It may be that you get circulation problems or that the desired effect quickly established.
Conclusion: In healthy circulatory safe and relaxing.

4. contractions triggered by sexual intercourse

If you sleep in the days around the date of delivery around regularly with your partner, reduces the likelihood that your child is taking too long in coming. The sex will trigger a number of ways labor. Production of the labor hormone oxytocin is triggered by sexual arousal. In addition, semen contains prostaglandins; the tissue are hormones which are also used in a drug inducing labor. Making the cervix soft and help the cervix to lengthen. In addition, the uterus contracts during an orgasm in women. This can cause uterine contractions.
Bottom line: If there is fun - absolutely!

5. contractions triggered by stimulation of nipples

cause this method to labor, when your nipples are massaged by you or your partner for a long time, should be used only when your cervix is ​​already ripe for the birth and then only under the guidance and care of a midwife. By stimulating the labor hormone oxytocin is released. The nipples stimulation is very effective to induce labor, because if the uterus is ready, the contractions usually employ within an hour. With a strong stimulation however, it may easily lead to an overreaction of the body that is manifested in prolonged, very strong contractions. This can easily lead to stress for you and your child.
Conclusion: effective, but only with a midwife!

6. contractions triggered by light physical activity

Strenuous activities shortly before the birth you should avoid. Saving your strength rather for the upcoming birth. But walking and other light physical activity can do you good and induce labor. Your child slips through the motions of light in the right starting position for birth. And if it is there, pushing the head of your child, go, for example, when walking, coming back to the cervix. This oxytocin is released in your body that triggers labor. You can put yourself on an exercise ball and make circular motions with your pool or participate in a belly dancing class, to promote labor. This has in fact the same effect.
Conclusion: Without hesitation, fun, but do not overexert.

7. contractions cause with alternative methods

Birth Preparatory acupuncture or homeopathy may be alternative therapies for induction of labor and perhaps do you feel it as pleasant. In homeopathy to special globules, called globules that can trigger contractions find. CAULOPHYLLUM D30 and D6 are intended to strengthen the uterus and blow-promoting effect on this. In addition, you can help a reflexology. Especially the reflex zones on the feet and hands can promote labor. In this case, slight pressure is applied, for example on the skin fold between the thumb and forefinger at certain locations. This oxytocic activities are carried out by experienced professionals.
Conclusion: Try it does not hurt!

8. labor redeem with a clove oil tampon

Clove oil is diluted with water or almond oil (not pure) use. Then soaking a tampon in it, which is inserted into the vagina. This method will make the cervix soft. However, you should this measure only after consultation and guidance of a midwife apply. It should burn to begin, remove the tampon immediately.
Conclusion: Only after consultation with a midwife.

9. contractions triggered by several foods

Contractions triggered by the diet

it can look like blow promoting Also, if you take certain food at you. Spicy food (with chili or cayenne pepper seasoning) is especially recommended it. Because this stimulates the intestine, which is close to the uterus and thus may promote labor. Spices that can trigger contractions, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, marjoram and coriander are. Fresh pineapple is also suspected of favoring labor naturally. By an enzyme, which is included in her to make the cervix softer.
Conclusion: There is no harm to try it once. Otherwise, you had a delicious meal at least did the soul good.

Contractions triggered by drinks

You can also make a tea of ​​oxytocic cooking ingredients. You get it for example in the pharmacy or health food store. Take a stick of cinnamon, ten cloves, a little fresh ginger root and a tablespoon of dried verbena, also known as verbena. About Pour the spice mixture with a liter of boiling water and let the tea steep ten minutes. It's best to drink this tea lukewarm and only sips throughout the day. Other herbs that can induce labor, for example, raspberry leaf, sage, anise, verbena, fennel and lovage. These can be prepared as a tea also outstanding.
Conclusion: Tea drinking harms in no case and little effort.

10. trigger contractions: The famous stairs

Stair climbing hard on the body and can therefore cause contractions. This is because it comes through the physical strain to increased blood redistribution in the placenta. but doctors do not recommend this method because it robs you important forces that you still need the birth.
Conclusion: better reserve forces for the birth

What can trigger also labor?

A bacterial vaginal infection or urinary tract infection can cause preterm labor. Bacteria can spread to the uterus and lead to changes in the region of the cervix. This in turn can promote premature rupture of membranes and eventually trigger labor. If you suspect to be suffering from such an infection, a doctor's visit is indispensable. Here you can find more information about infections in pregnancy.

Can red wine contractions cause?

Stubbornly adheres in some forums the rumor that red wine can trigger contractions. Is that true? Scientifically proven this is not! Many expectant mother said that it had actually helped her bring on labor. Presumably, it is purely a mental thing. A glass of wine may eventually have the effect that we turn the head and for a time not thinking about the impending birth. We relax - and especially if we do not think about certain things, but they come faster than expected.
Conclusion: Of alcohol during pregnancy is generally not recommended, but a glass of the end of pregnancy is not dangerous. The best way to listen to your gut.

In our article "Alcohol in pregnancy" you can find a lot of information, what possible consequences alcohol can have during pregnancy.

Blow promote: that necessary?

Many pregnant women feel the last days before the birth as intolerable long. But do not worry, only about four percent of all children arrive at the expected date for the world. Most children are born in the ten days before or after their due date. A delay of up to ten days is not seen normally as critical. If your baby is slow in coming, So you should just stay calm and enjoy the time properly again that you have for you alone. A few tips you can find in the article "Transfer: If the baby comes too late." Maybe you have to like but do not wait so long, and your child comes by itself a little earlier than expected.

If all measures for labor cause are useless and the doctor believes it is better to induce labor quickly, he can prescribe you medications or other measures that induce artificial labor. This may for example be necessary if your child is no longer adequately supplied with oxygen and nutrients or exists because of PROM risk of infection. Read more about this you can "take pains" read in our article.

The different types of labor

Here you can give you an overview about the different types of labor, there is actually.

  • exercise labor
  • premature labor
  • Senkwehen
  • birth pangs

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