Copper Wedding: meaning, customs, gifts

Many wedding day have a special meaning. Do you have to explain what is going on with the wedding on Copper to which customs there is this and what gifts fit for the occasion.

What does the Copper wedding?

Copper is a metal that attaches patina after several years. The analogies to marriage break down like this: Marriage is already proven and stable as a metal. In order to survive the "Seven Year Itch" healing, the marriage must be polished thoroughly again.

Which custom is common for copper wedding?

In some regions of Germany, it is customary to celebrate the seventh anniversary in the company of family and friends, because now begins the darn seventh year. This is where the family wants to wish again very lucky, so often a horseshoe is given away copper to the couple for good luck.

What should be paid to the copper wedding?

Things are as the name suggests for copper wedding, gift of copper. Here are some ideas for matching gifts:

  • Horseshoe Kuper
  • Jewellery
  • copper kettle
  • Copper objects (also personalized possible)

What special wedding day there is still next to the copper wedding, you can find out in our list "Wedding Anniversary: ​​List of special wedding day."

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