Cost of artificial insemination

The cost of fertilization can be quickly high. And not all expenses are reimbursed by health insurance. Since the health reform in 2004, the reimbursement of certain services is subject to conditions. This has resulted in the following years to a halving of treatments in Germany. Procure you an overview of the cost of fertilization and find out what services covered by health insurance.

How much does an artificial insemination?

The cost of fertility treatment are very different depending on the used method, the number of necessary cycles of treatment and the necessary medication:

  • An in-vitro fertilization costs a total of about 3,000 euros per cycle, about 1500 euros for medicines and 1,500 euros for medical expenses. Since the chance of pregnancy per cycle is only about 30 percent, up to three to four cycles are often necessary. Thus, the total cost of an in vitro fertilization can quickly add up to 9,000 euros.
  • The cost of insemination amount to about 200 euros for an insemination in spontaneous cycle or about 1,000 euros for an insemination with hormonal stimulation, where drug prices are not listed. Since the chances of success of insemination are at about 10 percent per treatment cycle, for up to six treatments may be needed here as well. Many couples who are not successful with insemination, after that take the possibilities of IVF to complete. These costs then come naturally at that.

For the cost of treatment itself, there is a fixed amount. The cost differences mentioned result from the medication. The prescribed medications are very different from case to case and can be sometimes very expensive.

Full takeover by the health insurance

Infertility is recognized as a disease and its treatment will therefore be reimbursed by health insurance largely. Since 01.01.2004, however, the cost of some services will no longer be paid in full. As before, however, are fully refundable all diagnostic measures to identify the causes of a possible infertility. And hormone treatments are still fully covered by health insurance.

Health insurance companies cover the following services as part of in vitro fertilization half

The following treatments are reimbursed half when the conditions in greater detail below executed are met:

  • Eight insemination without hormone stimulation (this also includes treatment with clomiphene and hCG)
  • Three inseminations with prior hormone treatment
  • Three attempts at in-vitro fertilization or ICSI treatment

After that, you have no further right of cash payment. If you have the desire to have a surplus eggs for a later attempt to freeze in vitro fertilization, you have to afford the costs of about 500 Euros for cryopreservation. The funds do not reimburse the costs in these cases.

Conditions for reimbursement

Since the health reform in 2004 health insurance companies cover only half the cost of the insemination, IVF and ICSI when the following conditions are met:

  • The couple must be married.
  • Women and men must be over 25 years old. The woman must 40 years of age and the man have not yet exceeded the age of 50.
  • with the health insurance, a treatment plan must be submitted before the start of IVF, ICSI or insemination, including a cost estimation. This plan must be approved by the fund.

It plays no role in the public health insurance if you have been a child. The costs are borne independently of it. For married couples, the cost of fertility treatment are also tax deductible.

No payment

For some treatments of reproductive medicine, the health insurance company will not pay:

  • Surgical extraction of sperm from the testicles
  • The fertilized by donor sperm
  • The Kryotransfers and freezing of ova or semen
  • Other rare and treatments (e.g., assisted hatching, polar body (PKD), JE-Glue)

For more information about artificial insemination

More information about the methods of artificial insemination, their success rates and risks you can find in our area "artificial insemination".

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