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The cost of the kindergarten are different from community to community. Depending on where you live, how high your income is and how many children you have, the fees can vary. What are the costs of the nursery and what reductions are available to this wiki.

Costs for the nursery vary in Germany

The cost of the nursery can vary greatly from city to city. but the charges vary not only between communities but also among the individual carriers of the facilities. It is also crucial, whether it is in the future kindergarten for your child to a private or municipal body. Usually you pay for a place in a private kindergarten more than for a place in an urban setting.

Display on to kindergarten

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Costs for the municipal kindergarten

The cost of a place in the local kindergarten are different in every community. The reason for the inconsistent Fees: The cost will be financed 100 percent from public funds. These consist partly of different levels of subsidies from the federal government, the respective federal state and the local community.

In most communities posts on the amount of your income are staggered. However, this is not always the case, because not write all states the municipalities plan to stagger the posts. Through the so-called "sibling discount" You have to pay less for the kindergarten place in many cities for your second child. In addition, many municipal kindergartens adopt the fees for the last year of kindergarten.

Cost of the Kindergarten: In the town it comes to

The cost of kindergarten, according to a study by the Initiative for a New Social Market Economy (INSM), in southern Germany is lower than in the northern provinces. We have created a small list for you, where you can view the monthly cost of a nursery place in 16 German cities read. This is the cost of a daily four-hour care.

However, these tables are only indicative, the actual costs may differ from these data. What charges the kindergarten of your choice collects, you can usually read on the Internet on the website of your city. Or you turn to your easy directly to the kindergarten.

The cost of kindergarten per month in the following for parents with a joint monthly income of 3,750 euros gross shown.

city 1 child 2 children
Berlin 30 € 58 €
Stuttgart 47 € 51 €
Leipzig 49 € € 29
Munich 55 € 96 €
Erfurt 60 € 45 €
Dresden 65 € € 39
Cologne 71 € 71 €
Frankfurt a. M. 78 € 62 €
Nuremberg 80 € 159 €
Saarbrucken 85 € 64 €
Magdeburg 90 € 120 €
Potsdam 100 € 160 €
keel 120 € 60 €
Hanover 122 € 61 €
Hamburg 138 € 117 €
Bremen 146 € 181 €

The cost of kindergarten per month in the following for parents with a joint monthly income of 6,667 euros gross shown.

city 1 child 2 children
Stuttgart 47 € 61 €
Leipzig 49 € € 29
Dresden 65 € € 39
Munich 76 € 141 €
Berlin 78 € 151 €
Nuremberg 80 € 150 €
Saarbrucken 85 € 64 €
Magdeburg 90 € 120 €
Frankfurt a. M. 104 € 83 €
keel 120 € 60 €
Hanover 122 € 61 €
Bremen 146 € 204 €
Cologne 149 € 149 €
Erfurt 150 € 225 €
Hamburg 153 € 153 €
Potsdam 193 € 308 €

Your city is not listed? Under You can look up how much does it cost for a place in kindergarten in your area.

How make up the costs

The cost of municipal kindergarten consist of the care and lodging.

care costsThe accommodation costs consist of the Betreuungsgrundsatz- and support additional fee. The care policy costs you pay for the care of your child during the rule opening times of the kindergarten. The service additional fee you have to pay if your child needs to be supervised via the control opening times also, because you work for example in the early or late shift.

food costs: The Board share you pay for child your when it participates in a dairy and beverage meal and the food at the kindergarten.

The exact breakdown of care and living expenses for your kindergarten You can just ask the management of the facility.

What income can be calculated in the cost

The cost of the nursery must be paid with the entry of your child to kindergarten. When recording you have to specify the youth office and demonstrate how high your income, so that the amount of parental contribution can be calculated. The cost of the kindergarten are calculated from the following agreements:

  • Income from employment
  • Income from casual employment
  • Income from self-employment, business enterprise, agriculture and forestry
  • Investment income, rental and lease
  • Other revenue: maintenance payments for the child, annuities and pensions yours, benefits under SGB III and SGB II and by the Employment Promotion Act or other benefits under the Social Security Act as sick pay, benefits under SGB XII and housing benefits

In the calculation is basically the gross income in the previous calendar year, plus any special allowances such as Christmas and holiday bonuses, decisive. If your income over the previous calendar year deteriorated over time or have improved, twelve times the last monthly salary is calculated. Child and child-raising allowance is not included in the calculation of parental contribution.

Where are no costs for the nursery?

In some cities and states of the kindergarten is free of charge (at least last year). Among other things, Dusseldorf, Hanau, Heilbronn, Kaiserslautern, Koblenz, Ludwigshafen, Mainz, Salzgitter and Trier refrain from charging for the nursery. Even in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz all three kindergarten years are free. However, even with the free kindergartens You must pay the monthly meals component, if your child gets lunch.

Additional costs for the nursery

The cost of the nursery can make additional contributions, such as dinner money, crafts and material money rise. Some facilities offer a surcharge and special offers such as music, dance or language teaching.

Cost of private kindergarten

The cost of a private kindergarten are usually higher than those for a local kindergarten. The private institutions are run by independent organizations. They finance to parts from public funds, donations, sponsors and membership fees. For this reason, you have to expect here with a higher contribution. Known carriers are for example the "German Red Cross", the "Caritas" or parent associations. Many kindergartens example, impose an income-related fixed amount that is usually higher than in urban kindergartens. How to break down the exact cost and what parental contribution you have to pay, you can check the device directly to the line or the carrier.

Cost of the Kindergarten: discounts and tax benefits

The fees jungle is difficult to grasp. However, you should examine whether you have a right to special discounts in the kindergarten fees, especially if your family has a low income in any case. In economic emergencies, those with low incomes, as well as in recipients of unemployment benefits or social assistance the acquisition or reduction of care costs at the competent Youth Welfare Office can be claimed if the costs of the nursery are not portable.
You can deduct for tax purposes the child care costs. So you can in up to two thirds of the costs of care per child, but not more than 4000, - Euro per year make claims in your tax return.

make the cost of the kindergarten in maintenance claims asserted

Single parents can make the cost of the Kindergarten entertaining legally additional requirement in law. Thus, maintenance debtor must, in addition to maintenance of parents contributions participate. Only the cost of catering in the facility are not included in the calculation.

The cost of the kindergarten be worn by both parents, in a pro rata amount of their income. This means that the higher-income parent must pay the larger share. Does the caring parent only have a very limited income, he also needs to afford their own contribution. So, for example, the single mother with a 400, would - Euro job does not participate in the kindergarten costs because their own appropriate excess of 1,000, - € would then no longer be guaranteed.

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