Cradle cap

In the lexicon of homeopathy you can find many complaints a detailed description of the homeopathic treatment. Flushing through just about the most common terms and procure you an impression.

General information on cradle cap

The two skin diseases, cradle cap and ringworm, are very common in infants with cradle cap when the skin is more weeping and red and ringworm (also Kopfkneis) rather greasy and scaly. The cause of cradle cap has not yet been explored. It is assumed that there is an overproduction of the sebaceous glands or even that the young body can not cope with the elimination of toxins. Most of cradle cap in the second month of life occurs and disappears on its own until the first year of life. Nowadays cradle cap is classified as hazardous. Do you wish to remove the scab your baby, you can olive oil into the scalp massage and then comb out carefully. If the scalp very wet and redden, you'll get medical advice.

In teething lexicon you can find out more about the causes and symptoms of cradle cap. In our baby care advisor as well, we show you how you head coverings your baby's best removing.

Homeopathy for cradle cap

The following table lists possible forms of cradle cap or head scab, and shows you which homeopathic medicine is recommended in these cases.



nocturnal head welding
yellow scales and crusts mainly at the back; the child has a big head, is a bundle of joy, does not tolerate milk and has Neugeborenenakne
Calcarea D12 * (3x daily 1-3 globules)
Crusts with a thick, yellow discharge
oily, greasy scalp; the child sleeps a lot, is calm, constantly hungry and clogs
Graphites D12 * (3x daily 1-3 globules)
weeping, purulent, yellow crusty rash on the head
Rash strongly itchy and can become matted hair
Viola tricolor D3 * (3xtäglich globules 1-3)
dry strong flaky scalp
itchy scalp
Sulfur D12 * (3x daily 1-3 globules)

* D describes the Potenzierungsart of the agent. D (decimal) is a dilution of 1:10

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