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What is "FenKid" and what is being done in this baby course? Although "Fenkid" is already an integral part of many baby course programs, the concept is still relatively unknown. Who can offer these courses, what happens there and how your child is promoted in FenKid course, this wiki.

What's FenKid?

The concept of FenKid was developed in Munich from a counseling center for natural birth. It is based on the theories of Elfriede Hengstenberg, Jesper Juul, Maria Montessori and Dr Emmi Pikkler. The term comes from FenKid "Fruhsdevelopmen t of KinDit".

Display Great toy for the senses

Baby playing with baby coachWith these toys you can stimulate the senses of your baby.
The O-Ball is suitable for the first gripping experiments. much to discover there are at the game coach enchanted forest and dhe musical Softwürfel stimulates the perception and crawling delight your baby.

What happens when FenKid course?

In the courses you try out various games, rhymes and songs together with education professionals. The exchange of experience among the parents and with the instructors and the contact of the baby with one another is in the foreground. For your baby, it is about the exploration of new worlds. With different play material that feeling, hearing and cognition are promoted for example. Also social skills can earn your child here: stroking, rocking and crawling games foster it together. also for the parents is about a careful observation of one's own child. This you learn your child know you better and can assess the individual needs better.

Why make a FenKid course?

A FenKid course gives you much more information and knowledge on the development and promotion possibilities of your child. It promotes the senses and skills your baby and offers you the opportunity to share experiences with other parents and experts.

In FenKid is all about the three Cs: Communication, cooperation and competence.

  • With communication means that you can share with your child at all your steps. is an example that you tell your child when tightening and winding what you're doing, or your baby ansprichst before you take it high.
  • Cooperation means that you can join your child. Even with infant care you can encourage your baby by you helping him time give. This may participate according to their own forces. How and where you learn in the course.
  • Within the meaning of FenKid concept competence means that you let your child from the beginning, the chance to work something themselves. Your child will have an early opportunity to independently explore the world and gain experience alone. If you give your child is always the way to go, it can not develop self-reliance.

In FenKid course it can among other things the following topics in discussion with parents and educators:

  • The new living situation as a family and couple
  • How do I cope with my daily life with a child?
  • How do I promote my child best?
  • What's important to me? What's important?
  • What are the opportunities and the profit that time?
  • When does education?
  • Questions about nutrition, care and sleeping

When and where to make a FenKid course?

  • Suitable for: Babies from the age of three months.
  • Time: A FenKid course is usually about eight to twelve meetings that take 75 to 90 minutes depending on the age of the baby. Some parents take a course with their children through to three years.
  • Providers: Courses are offered by trained educational professionals. You can find these offers in family education centers, at community colleges or even at independent educators.
  • Costs: The course fees are usually between 80 and 100 euros for about ten sessions.

similar offers

FenKid is just one of several offers under the baby courses. Many institutions have other courses on the program, which are similar, and comparable objectives have as FenKid. These include PEKiP, DELFI, Elba and several play groups. Inform yourself to just one in your area.

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