Croup: duration, symptoms and treatment

Krupp cough is also known as croup and is noticeable by a barking and dry cough in babies and young children.

When croup is a viral infection that occurs primarily in infants and young children. Here, can trigger the disease, the cough often arises as a result of a cold different viruses. Most get viruses on the upper respiratory tract into the body and allow the mucous membranes to swell significantly. The infection is manifested by a strong, dry cough, as well as colds and hoarseness. Affected often feel very tired and uncomfortable. Not infrequently occurs fever, and when your child inhales, is mostly to hear a whistling sound. Some children suffer with croup also under increased breathlessness. In this case, the problem is that the body can not be supplied with sufficient oxygen. there are distinct movements in the chest, a doctor should be consulted urgently. In this case, the body has to be externally supplied with oxygen. Adults can also get croup, but here it will be less pronounced.

Duration and treatment of croup

The croup is divided into four different phases that extend generally over a period of approximately 2 to 14 days. The first phase is the barking cough in combination with hoarseness. In the next phase noise can be heard in breathing and to see strong movements in the chest. This is followed by shortness of breath and a greatly increased pulse, while the final stage can be a strong breathlessness that can lead to a blue color of various areas of the skin, and fainting. Usually disappears croup again by itself.
but you can also ensure a faster recovery by you can breathe fresh air at the window your child over and over again are offering him cool drinks. This relieves breathlessness. If the doctor makes a diagnosis moderate or severe croup in a child your will probably be necessary for your child can be better monitored hospital treatment.

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