“Curative”: What does the term?

On a referral from a doctor you'll often use the term "curative", In this article we explain to you what it means.

What does the term "curative"?

In medicine is spoken of curation or even curative medicine if the doctor seeks the full recovery of the patient. A corollary is that it avoids a worsening of symptoms. The term "curative" comes from Latin and means "healing". If your family doctor so on the referral has ticked "curative" box, he expects a full recovery of the disease or other ailment. On the basis of his diagnosis, he will take appropriate therapeutic measures: This may be an operation or administration of medication.

The term "palliative" also comes from de medical jargon. they themselves can not fight so doctors express that their treatment only alleviate the symptoms of a disease, but. Palliative therapies are common in malignant cancers used.

More about medical terms

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What preventive measures?

With preventive measures are used to prevent a disease. This can include, for example, vaccinations.

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