cut Christmas Rose: So do it right

With proper care grow hellebores and show up in a beautiful flower. How can we cut the Christmas rose, you read it here.

Hellebores are evergreen plants that stand out by their white flowers. As a garden ornamental plant, the Christmas Rose enjoys great popularity and is also known under the name Snow Rose and Christmas Rose. The Christmas rose is an extremely hardy plant that requires little maintenance and does not require pruning. However, in order to rid your beds of dead flowers and plant parts, you can easily cut the Christmas rose. so until after flowering, to avoid damaging waiting if possible the plants.

The main flowering period begins quite early in the Christmas rose. Back in February, the first flowers that remain up into April show. Once all the flowers have withered, the flower stalks can be cut off close to the ground. Dead leaves You can also remove during the Christmas rose. For this you cut the leaves from as deep as possible. Be careful not to damage the green parts of the plant. These are important so that the Christmas rose can grow strongly again next year and present themselves in full bloom.

cut Hellebore: prevent leaf diseases by cutting back

The Christmas rose can sometimes be affected by leaf diseases that affect the growth of the plant. By cutting off the faded and too close together standing sheets You bend this problem before effective.

Think on maintenance because hellebores are toxic and are therefore not to touch with bare hands. Wear disposable gloves to avoid inflammation. Wash your gardening tools and scissors after cutting back thoroughly.

As a cut flower, the Christmas Rose holds only about a week without special care. If you einschneidest the stalk crosswise and ask the flower stems for some time into the warm water, you have more joy to your Christmas rose bush. Exchange the water in the vase every day, and if possible, the vase put overnight in a cool location. Very decorative and durable are the Christ rose petals if you leave them floating on the water surface in a bowl.

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