cut orchids It goes right

So you can enjoy yourself ever new flowers, you should cut your regular orchids. Read here how you proceed there!

cut orchids helps the plant in addition to regular casting - there and occasional fertilizing, magnificently to thrive - or immersion in lukewarm water. The pruning of the shoots will ensure that new buds emerge and flourish. Before you get started with the cutting of orchids, first check the flowers. Once the orchid flower starts to wither and unattractive look, it's time to prune them.

Cutting panicle directly above the eye obliquely from below with a sharp scissors. By such a section you upset at the orchid, to form a new flowering in the same place. However, experts suggest that to repeat this section more than twice. After that orchids need a longer period of rest to recover. To allow houseplants this, you should completely remove the Rispenzweig. After no more than three to four months, a new engine, the strong flower shows developed.

cut orchids to obtain offshoot

Of orchids can be grown with little effort small plants. You need do nothing to be patient. Then that tiny leaves growing on the stems of orchids. Botanists call this outgrowths also "Kindel". From these small offshoots, new orchids can attract. However, these need a few weeks to form roots from a few centimeters long in peace.

  • Cut the Kindel directly at the insertion of the orchid stems with a sharp knife.
  • the roots sit now deep into a filled with special orchid substrate vessel.
  • To achieve a good addressing the spin-off, keep the soil moist but not too wet and bring a warm and humid climate.

Ideal conditions manage you as you show the Orchid branch in a miniature greenhouse or draw a transparent plastic bag over the plants. Regular airing regulates humidity and helps the plant to develop splendidly.

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