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With the NetMoms cycle calculator you can find out exactly when you're most fertile, thereby increasing your chances of getting pregnant quickly and easily. Simply carrying a first day of your last period and the length of your cycle in the cycle computer and already you can calculate your fertile period.

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Why use the cycle computer?

After ovulation, an ovum is fertilized only for a very short period of time, namely about 24 hours. To be able to use this period optimally and your chances to conceive a child increase, it's good if you can narrow down as accurately as possible the time of ovulation and your fertile period. Here, the cycle calculator helps.

How does the cycle computer?

Although the time in which the egg can be fertilized, very short. But sperm can survive for several days in the woman's body, which is why there is a much longer time when you're fertile. The cycle computer is based on a fertile period of 7 days. This consists of the four days before ovulation date, the day when ovulation occurs and from the two days that followed. This time appears in the cycle you computer as a fertile period.

Important: The results in the cycle computers are based on averages. Therefore, it is suitable under any circumstances to prevent. The exact course of the cycle and the process of egg maturation and ovulation are influenced by many complex factors, which is why deviations are always possible. The cycle computer is therefore only Tendezen and does not serve as a guarantee.

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