Dangerous online friends and Web sites

Unfortunately, the Internet also provides websites with harmful and illegal content. Parental Control or browser filters, it is almost inevitable that your child comes across something disturbing. Tell your child that they should tell you about it, and make it clear that you're not angry then.

While it is statistically unlikely that your child will be addressed on the Internet by a sex offender. Still, there are enough known cases that are of concern for parents.

Online Friends: How to use

Tell your child that they should never communicate with strangers e-mail or chat with them and that it is not in order to meet a stranger in person. Make it clear to him that someone it hits online is always a stranger, no matter how many times you met on the Internet. It has been found that children who talk to strangers on the Internet about sex, rather tend to arrange to meet in real life with these people. If a stranger your child on the Internet converge to talk about sex, report it immediately to the police and the school of your child.

Display Tablets for children

Black Learning TabletIf you are looking for a child-friendly tablet for your child your, we can recommend you the VTech tablet. With many built-in games, a news app and a music player, your child will learn on how to treat new technologies and the Internet.

Be careful when visiting suspicious websites

Some children and teens are curious and want to know what's going on websites right to have racist or hateful content or condone dangerous behaviors such as anorexia or self-harm. If your child visits such sites, you can only find out by finding all the browser history of your computer überprüfst regularly. Even if your child has visited such a site only once, you should bring it out. Do not go just assume that it is mere curiosity. Explain the House Rules in respect of such sites and ask your child why it has visited. If it turns out that your child suffers from self-loathing and depression, handle as soon as possible to professional help by a trained therapist.

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