declared anti-D prophylaxis in Mutterpass

Do you have just the anti-D prophylaxis discovered in the mother's passport? We tell you what that means.

What anti-D prophylaxis?

In the early days of your pregnancy Your blood is examined. The blood group is determined and performed an antibody test. If you are a rhesus negative and your baby have a rhesus positive, an anti-D prophylaxis is necessary. After birth, your body may otherwise produce antibodies against the Rh factor positive, which means for the next pregnancy, the body attacks the fetus if it has rhesus positive. To avoid this, as administered anti-D prophylaxis. Every 10 pregnant women is affected.

When to act?

My parents have both negative Rhesus factor, the baby has no need to act this and there is, as there is no risk for the baby there. Also there is no danger if you have the rhesus positive and the baby's rhesus negative.

How will the anti-D prophylaxis performed?

In the 28th - 30th week of pregnancy your doctor you injected antibodies to the infant rhesus antigen. This is repeated again 72 hours after birth.

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