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Your child can not or will not go to sleep? Bedtime fixed and always the same procedure can help him to find the necessary rest. We have compiled a few tips for you how you can make the nightly bedtime rituals.

Most parents know the problem: many children find it hard to take the exciting day goodbye. They are restless, do not want partout that mom or dad go from the nursery or are still awake in the late evening. Since the Zubettbringen the Little can be already complicated times. Bedtime rituals can remedy these situations. They give your child safety and help him to tune into the upcoming snooze time. By the regularity of Bedtime children can learn that they need have no fear of the night and the darkness and fall asleep. If you are persecuting them consistently, Bedtime you can in the future a lot of discussion and effort to spare. At about six months your child is old enough to perform rituals firm with him. Of course, the Bedtime with age change.

develop the ritual

It is important that you determined in the ritual from the front and can run the same. Leave it as always with only one story and be not deceived you by your child to another. Especially older children like to try to pull the ritual still in the length. It is important to establish a regularity, because that makes the nightly flow predictable and familiar to the child yours.

scream sleep instead: Display book tip

Book sleeping instead of shoutingGet a good night without falling asleep and sleep problems, we recommend you to Book classic "Sleeping instead yell"! For additional security moody night lights make the nursery. at Baby market you find a great selection of night lights.

Sequence in the same order

A bedtime ritual starts with the usual evening activities such as eating, undressing, washing, wrapping and brushing. Make sure that these activities occur in the same order and, if possible at the same time every night. This raises a routine and your child knows that bedtime is equal. Only in the last minutes before the light goes out, it goes into the cozy part of the ritual. This should be quiet and not definitely exciting. Romping or exciting stories dig your child unnecessarily, and then difficult for him to fall asleep. The following actions have already been proven in many children:

  • Cuddling, rocking in the cradle or wind the music box lends itself especially in the very young.
  • Together to look at a picture book will find many children over about a year great.
  • Storytelling is certainly one of the most popular rituals, which is particularly suitable for older children from two or three years. can read have a positive effect on the mental development of your child, because it stimulates the imagination and promotes the ability to speak. Often, children will often read that develop later bookworms. In our section "Children's Books" You can find many helpful tips as to when you can use what books and as you can when reading have fun you and your child.
  • Audition or group singing is also a very nice ritual that almost all children love. Many still remember as adults to the songs that were sung to them as a child. In our section "Children's Songs" and the article "The most popular lullabies" you'll find lots of ideas for common songs.
  • Television is recommended no earlier than kindergarten age. The program that you look with your child, should be short and for children, such as the Sandman, his.
  • A pacifier can ease your child to sleep in their first year. However, it should only get that if it really takes the pacifier only to fall asleep or if it is a little older already can find the pacifier at night even if it loses him. Otherwise there is a risk that the pacifier developed into an unfavorable Einschlafgewohnheit which may result that your child is crying at night when it can not find the pacifier. More information on the topic pacifier you can find in our theme "pacifier".
  • Soft toys and towels also help children fall asleep. You should not leave this to his safety before the start of the second year to sleep your baby. Why you can find out in our article "9 tips for a good sleep environment."

The ritual clearly and resolutely quit

Just as the beginning of the ritual, the end should always run the same and clearly indicate your child that, for example, "light" and the goodnight kiss is time to sleep. Here, too, you should show determination in the day so that your child feels not animated, falling asleep a little delay. Should express a wish your child, the door to let a gap open, you can do this without any problems. Because light bill and familiar sounds to fall asleep can also make it easier.

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